1. Well , remember what minato did with the army with those many Kunais? what could Naruto do with shadow clones?
    Not only that, with the knwoledge for FTG Minato could teleport things like kyuub's blast, if Naruto had FTG they wouldnt even need to go see orochimaru, he could've just tagged the guy...

    If anything , Naruto getting stabbed is a great example of how an attack from a surprise place can be deadly.
    remember in the fight against 10 tails? Minato used that connection Naruto had with a lot of ppl to teleport them all, so with Naruto chakra sharing thing he wouldnt need a seal...to say that skill wouldnt up Naruto's attack and denfense potential (no only his,but also for others) would be absurd...

    let me put it this way...Sasuke is now doing great with one arm, he is still a beast...but it is fair to say he would still be stronger if he had both.

    -If we understand that teleportation of others and himself can be used without a seal by Naruto chakra connection (true as seen from the fight against the ten tails)

    -If we assume Naruto can put/convert his chakra into pretty much anyone thus likely he could put in things as well

    -If we assume that he would not be in lack of chakra because...well, you know that one

    then we can conclude his life would be much easier, he could've teleported those blades away when he touched them. He could've teleported the guy or "marked" him with his chakra when he tried to teleport away...
    it is a little like Gai's gates...Lee with 5 gates is nothing compared to Naruto in power...but Naruto with the power he already have using say, 4 gates would be probably just as strong as Gai with all of them opened but without the being a cripple forever thing, or death if jesusruto wasnt there. (assumptions, but you get my point)

    Naruto's advantage is that he doesnt have to "tag" things with a seal and can tag a lot of stuff with his clones and kyuub chakra..not to mention it is VERY usefull for a kage to keep "teleport places" all over the village just in case...that+ clones would make one thing ...many many times, before trying to invade Konoha.
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