1. Boruto is coming. Bro uto no jutsu!
  2. Yeah, the Uzumaki were an offshoot, but it's not like they were distant relatives and lost the abilities of Ashura. It was stated that the Senju and the Uzumaki stayed closely allied and would often intermarry, so the power inherited from Ashura stayed strong in both clans.

    Plus as Uchihaeyez stated, what's really important is Ashura's chakra. Hashirama was so special among the Senju because he was the reincarnation of Ashura. The same should apply to Naruto, who is also Ashura's reincarnation. Sarada could probably unlock Rinnegan with just some Naruto cells/chakra. And of course, Naruto also has access to Hashirama cells thanks to that arm.
  3. What I wanna know is was that insane strength just taught to Sakura by Tsunade or was she a great candidate for that teaching because she naturally possessed great strength herself? Someone remind me Ive totally forgotten. Only reason I ask is because I'm wondering if Sarada showing her strength at the end of the last chapter is any evidence that Sakura is indeed her mother. Probably not.

    Also another thing I may of missed... Does Naruto now have both Ying and Yang sides to Kurama? If not where is the other half?
  4. You have to have good chakra control and be able to store a lot of it in a single point like her fist I believe.
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  5. yes. It was combined and the complete kurama was put in him.
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  6. As difficult as it must be to release high amounts of energy through your arms and legs in battle, just imagine neji could expel chakra from any point in his body into fine needle points so precisely it was literally surgical
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  7. Hyuuga's seem to have a talent for chakra control...imagine now if that talent goes to Boruto+Naruto's surreal chakra level.
    Boruto could even mix that neji spinning barrier with rasengan...but that would be too much maybe lol
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  8. Confirmed. Next chapter is the last one, I knew kishi said this mini series is only 10 chapters
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  9. Maybe that is why Baruto is able to use what I think looks like a chidori-rasengan because he inherit great chakra control through his Hyuuga lineage.
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  10. Great chakra control comes from training. The byakugan made it much easier ( probably in a diagram kinda way or something i don't know correct example ) for hyuugas to do it.
  11. I belive even without the byakugan they can still get a VERY good chakra control....most of their jutsu require that...it is just like Sakura Vs Lee...the eyes are good and all,but the skill gotta match.(granted Sasuke was miles above Lee when it comes to genius,but my point still stands)

    But it is hard to tell...we havent seen many Hyuugas in action, Neji is hardly a "normal" kid..and hinata is hardly the most talented..
  12. So we get a mini series that focuses on Sasuke and his family and leaves naruto and his to the side........ Same old Naruto.
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  13. Yeah, kishi didn't even try to hide it this time.

    He's like "fuck it, I've dissimulated long enough....IVE GOT A ROCK HARD UCHIHA ERECTION AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS!!!!"
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  14. So long as he doens't make Boruto the "underdog"...I'm ok with it. For once I would like to see a team in which all of them are bad ass.... I HOPE Boruto will be a little more Minato and a little less Naruto.
    (speaking of which, a shame Naruto didn't even try to learn FTG)
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  15. whats the point? he has shown that he is faster than FTG several times already. By the end of part 2 he was the fastest character in the series.
  16. That's debatable. Keep in mind that with FTG, Minato teleported in the truest sense of the word. If you are marked he could reach you anywhere on the planet instantly.
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  17. Why are we comparing teleportation jutsu to actual speed? Naruto can use his speed anywhere and anytime where ever he wants to go. Minato has to tag the spot where he wants to go first.
  18. Because Leroy said he's faster than FTG which isn't actually accurate. Considering that once tagged, you can't escape from FTG at all.
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  19. I think I would rather have FTG then narutos speed

    The only thing that beats fast travel is no travel
  20. In a real battle Naruto would be faster cuz as you said Minato needs to mark his destinations. Kamui, Yomotsu Hirasaka(Kaguya's portal jutsu) and Amenotejikara(sasuke's teleportation) are faster than FTG. And Naruto was able to evade Kaguya and even strike her before she could react. His reaction speed + sensory perception makes him the fastest. But of course no amount of movement speed can be compared to teleportation over a long enough distance.
    If it were upto me I would have sasukes teleportation during a combat. It's more versatile despite having a recharge period

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