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  2. sarada could grow up to be such a beast.

    uber strength, uchiha prodigy, endless healing, rinnegan candidate, and she has sasuke talent with sakuras intelligence, future kage anyone?
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  3. OK so everyone looks badass except for Naruto? I've never seen someone shit on their main character in favor of another as much as Kishi does.
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  4. Sarada could easily become one of the strongest ninja ever with Sharingan/Rinnegan abilities and Sakura's strength and healing powers.

    Love the look on Sasuke's face at the end. Everyone else looks shocked while Sasuke just looks proud of his daughter.
  5. Tsunade/Sakura type techniques with a sharingan, Sarada can be dangerous when she develops now. Sasuke watching like a proud father right now.
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  6. This is more like it. I'm actually glad Sakura got a bit more useful, even if it's in producing a child of epicness beyond measure xD
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  7. Young Sasuke >>>>>>> Young Naruto
    Sarada >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Boruto
  8. He didn't get shit on - he's still not even trying. No kyuubi mode, no sage mode... they're weak and he knows it.

    Chouchou also has the line of the manga - "why couldn't <other person> have been my dad?" Guess that's what happens when you focus on one bloodline.
  9. She would have to get her hands on some senju dna for that.
  10. If karin got her dna into sasuke

    or maybe because sasuke already had senju cells in him that caused the genetic mutation that is the rinnegan that she might also be a candidate

    Lol sasuke in that last pic looks at sarada like, " yo son you used to be in my balls this is crazy," haha
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  11. I would say Young Sasuke >> Young Sarada >> Young Naruto >>>>>>>> Young Sakura ....Boruto MAY be a retard,or he may not...but we haven't seen enough of him to be sure, from the movie(boruto the movie)
    it seems like he can somehow use chidori at the least and mix chidori and rasengan at the most...both are quite impressive

    he is all like "I expect no less from a child of mine" , I also love how the guy was going to attack Sakura like "ha,look at my bad ass arms" then Sasuke comes in like "arms? what arms?" and then grab him like "come here you little shit"...tho it is a shame he didnt burn the guy with amaterasu,just the blades. (tho I know why he couldnt,he wanted intel)

    so shins are going to be the next big problem? people with all sorts of different powers using sharingans?
    and one will eventually become super bad ass and be a challenge for the kids?

    I know right? I understand he is not "trying" since he doesnt see them as a problem...I understand he can deal with them with just a lot of clones...but he looks as bad ass doing that as the fat little girl. I guess he never changes after all...but he was being bad ass before.
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  12. the next chapter might be the last chapter of the gaiden.
  13. Well, that' what Naruto's arm is made of and an arm made of Hashirama cells was offered to Sasuke, so it's not like she wouldn't have access to it.

    Exactly. Naruto clearly isn't using his full power, which is understandable, but he's still doing less than Sasuke or Sarada. And we know he show being able to deal with them easily. Remember when he was doing the work for the entire Shinobi Alliance protecting them all and earlier using clones to deal with all the Zetsus and Edo Tensei zombies? And unlike the previous battle with Shin, Naruto knows what their abilities are now, so he shouldn't be taken off guard this time. Even without going full force, you'd think the battle would be more one-sided in Naruto's favor.
  14. i wonder how much the hashiramas cells boosts narutos stats like it did for danzou, extra healing.

    I wish they'd given one of narutos kids the byakugan...
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  15. Uzumaki's aren't Senjus. Plus I think you need Hashirama's cells specifically. As he was essentially the perfect Senju. No other Senju even came close.
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  16. You need Indra and ashura's chakra to bring about the rinnegan, and the uzumaki/Eddie clan were said to be descendants

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  17. I reiterate...Uzumakis aren't senjus. They are an offshoot, meaning go back far enough and they have a common ancestor but developed into their own thing.
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  18. My point is you can be an uzumaki and still possess ashura's chakra, like naruto, which is what is essential,besides Indra's chakra which we know Sarada to already have

    Even Nagato was perfectly capable of using the rinnegan

    And the Eddie clan and the senju were not some distant far off relative, the flashbacks said the whirlpool country was one of the greatest allies of the leaf before it got destroyed by war and the fight for blood line limits
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  19. True,but they have a very strong relation with the senju...the whole "strong vitalitty" thing is very related with the sage's descendent, and all uzumaki's so far are great exemples of it...and before they were killed off it does seem like the uzumaki kept in contact with the senjus and had kids and all that(First wife)...so that makes them even closer.

    Kushina could live some time even after having a bijuu ripped away from her while pregnant, Naruto is well..Naruto, Karin have mega healing powers.
    Since one brother had the body and the other the eyes you could argue they are equivalent to the uchiha in sage descendency.

    (sure, Hashi was above all..but he was above all even in the senju with unique jutsus)\

    This can also be part of the uchiha effect tho, in which we've not seen enough to judge...but all the uchihas we've met were great, even obito after some stuff happened was great...but we've only met like 6 of them? so who knows...
    yet even if that is true, the uchihas are the shiny eyes in the manga, so it still means alot.
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  20. Plus for boruto being distantly related to the uchiha through the hyuuga, and the senju through his uzumaki side might afford him some interesting abilities

    Looks like he can already use chidori/rasengan/shadow clones

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