1. Well to be honesty he is already above Minato level of bad ass, on a damage scale that is....... considering he has regenerative abilities from his uzumaki bloodline and the new "hashirama" arm increased his regenerative abilites, he honestly has the right to be "rusty" imo. Luckily that was a weak attack.

    Honestly i'll say it again, i don't see the big deal in him falling for an attack like that........ now if it was Shikamaru or Kakashi on the other hand, then i'd be raging my dam self lmao.
  2. I would have loved if this enemies powers had to do with anything BUT the sharingan

    It's amazing there was no one like madara who emerged from the hyuuga clan, or maybe the head seals on the lower branch made sure of that
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  3. I dont think anybody knew that it was an option back then. Think about it, even surviving after the bijuu was removed was a rare enough occasion and probably only limited to the uzumaki clan.
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  4. Yeah such a shame, a tiny peice of info could have completely rewritten this manga
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  5. Why are you using logic on a Manga? It's completely made up...
  6. i was trolling around on narutoforums and found this

    Kishi, you sly SOB.
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  7. gess.. non-sequiturs I had to look that up...how fancy of you.

    Regardless, yes, it is a matter of interpretation and preference being impressed or not, which is exactly why your arguing makes little sense. Yes ,the guy has a butt load of sharingan, but he didn’t use Amaterasu, he didn’t use Susano, and he WAS trying to kill them. Why wouldn’t he use it then?

    So far, he's shown to use his sharingan's all over his body to manipulate those blades from all directions and nothing else.( Even the time-space thing was made by the weird mini zetsu thing, not him) ...so far, that's what I'll judge him for, if he shows more power, kudos to him so far I’m not impressed and I won’t be just because he "might" have more power to use, Danzou had a ton of sharingan's, but used only for Inazagi...and danzou was a VERY skilled shinobi, and he had the first cells.

    This guy may not be a cupcake or a cute teddy bear, he is akatsuki level and all...but so was Kakuzu, so was Deidara...and if they were to show up now and be able to hurt Naruto and Sasuke together to a point they had to be saved I would be just as unimpressed.
    We can agree that we have different expectations when it comes to Naruto's skills or the bad guys skills, that does not make you more right. When the guy shows more power then I will agree he is more impressive even without you mentioning it, but for now there is nothing wrong with believing he uses those eyes mostly as a mean to control the blades, and there is nothing wrong with me thinking it is lame.

    you say we have no basis to judge him, I dont agree...we have the basis, all those skills he's shown so far are what we can judge for...if he shows more in the future then that changes....he would be really bad ass if he could pull of a Obito and travel within dimensions, but if he can do that, he was really dumb not to do so and rely on the Zetsu thing.
    he might have inazagi, but if he did, maybe he wouldn’t need Sakura to surgery save his ass.
    he might have amaterasu, but if he does he missed quite a good opportunity to use it.
    he might have a 30 arms with wings and tails dragon susano...but so far..Doesnt seem like it... so far it seems like just like danzou he doesnt use his sharingan the same way other users do....and the way he does doesnt seem like that a big deal to me.

    I make my assumptions based on what we've seen from this guy, if somethings changes then so will my opinion. The only one making assumptions without evidence this time is you. The most you could say is that I have too much expectation for both Naruto and a bad guy, that maybe I shouldn’t expect him to show up kicking ass instead of almost dying in the first encounter...and that may be right on that, but that’s about it.
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  8. She has to be a genetic combination of all 3, the verbal trolling by kishi is one thing, but she is a dead ringer for Karin, has the same glasses, and wardrobe to match

    What does it even mean to have a sharingan and need glasses? You can predict movements, cast illusions, but you can't deal with a stigmatism?

    But the combination of the uzumaki heritage would probably make her a rinnegan candidate, or at least have a mangekyou that never runs out like obito's once he gained hashirama cells
  9. I believe Karin "injected" her dna into Sasuke somehow...or maybe Karin was falling off a cliff and the only way Sasuke could save her was using his penis and grabing a tree with his hands...but she was so tight he couldnt hold on for long.
    lets say he...came to the rescue...YEAHHHH

    anyway,about the heritage, both Boruto and Sarada in theory can have a rinnengan...or at least Sarada, Boruto has Hyuuga blood which is also sage like, so there may be..something?

    and honestly,I bet that weird kid of team Boruto is somehow part of the old sage clan of the moon,how ? idk... but he just looks to weird to be normal.(then again, oro was a weird kid and he is human...was human.)

    about the glasses...well...I would assume once sharingan is on she doesnt need it,but when it is off she does...that or she can still see REALLY fast movement (which is what the sharingan does, and maybe laser power in ms form ) but sees it blurry without the glasses.

    maybe when she turns on the Susano it is kinda blurry and looks retarded. if she gets to that...it is unlikely she will suffer as much as Sasuke or the others had in order to turn on the MS, but who knows...
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  10. If I learned anything from the entire narutoverse, Naruto is always behind. Naruto's response to out of practice is clone jutsu training. No biggie. If he really wants to, he can have one clone just training everyday, one doing S missions, and one inventing 1001 to play with Hinata's boobs. Kurama's statement, I think, is just a jab that he is bored. If Naruto got hurt, so did Sasuke. Go figure. Honestly, I am glad he is still a goofball, but has to hold back because of his position in the village. I like the fact that Naruto is more observant now than before.
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