1. Maybe I was a bit hard on Naruto with that title comes a lot of paper work, meetings, community gatherings meetings with other village leaders, Country leaders. I think I gave him a pass before then the Sasuke fan in me just wanted to bash him lol.
  2. Did they draw sasukes regular mangekyou instead of his ems?
  3. Yup they did to show that he's now regained his normal powers. I find it even more impressive that he was able to use his powers at all like how he did when fighting Shin.

    Oh ya if there is one thing Naruto will always have it's the power of his unstoppable jutsu, 'Friendship no Jutsu'.
  4. If sakura gets her ass kicked next chapter, I give up all hope on kishi.
  5. sasuke and them are literally about to teleport there i hope we don't see too much sakura solo fighting or anymore flashbacks
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  6. It's good to be back:)

    Is anybody else concerned that Naruto doesn't seem to have anything EXCEPT sage mode / kyuubi powers anymore?

    I mean what happened to wind element? I thought he used it a couple chapters ago to deflect some weapons, but turns out that was just a Kyuubi claw. As the hokage, shouldn't he have learned at least 3 elements by now?

    I mean Sasuke's got all sorts of crazy powers too, but he still uses lightning and fire attacks. It's not like he just forgot how to ninja after getting magic eye powers.
  7. WTF a wild muken appeared!?!?!
    You need to do that more often my friend, nice to see you again.
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  8. It's like seeing mew in Pokemon snap
  9. I'm fearing the outcome can be related to a scenario like a girl that thinks her man won't hit her again cause he loves her and she loves him. Or a man that says he'll never cheats again and always does.
  10. Everybody's actin like Naruto's been killed lol....... dude got cheap shotted and is a little rusty. Even Sasuke wuz WTF when Naruto got stabbed, so even that slipped by the eye's of the great GaySause lmao....... still im sure we'ere gonna see Naurto let loose being that Sasuke is getting his eyes back up to speed.
    Lol though my memory ain't the greatest i still remember u posting back in the day........ been a long time lol. Welcome back.
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  11. Sitting behind a desk all day can certainly dull your abilities and turn you a little complacent. But everyone who earns that desk is essentially a living god in the eyes of the villagers, and that will inevitably alter the standards of how you are judged. Deify any leader, regardless of their strength, and your creating an image of them in your mind that is contrary to reality. Kages are renowned for being the strongest shinobi in their village(or at the very least, the one perceived to be) but they're not infallible and very much mortal.

    Naruto may wield supreme power, but a sword through the abdomen is still going to hurt.
  12. it is not just the hokage title...sure sure,we expect kages to be great,but we expect more from Naruto...We've seen him fighting against living legends and win and he was younger back then...we've seen Naruto saving the whole ninja alliance by himself...in a way that it made seem like if he was on the other side against the alliance,they would all be dead.

    Even before he got the magic power up from the sage, he was still looking way above everyone...

    So how can that guy be hurt but a guy who control swords? The enemy itself seems kinda lame. thats part of the problem...if the weapons were on fire,comming out of time space places while turning the floor into lava people would be much more forgiving.

    I still believe tho Kishi made it this way so they wouldnt just one shoot the guy...like Sasuke was powered down.
    but I have lost a bit of faith in Kishi writing...
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  13. Before now, has anyone in the mangaverse used telekinesis aside from shinra tensei or bansho tennin?
  14. Naruto isn't invulnerable, he's still capable of being wounded.
    And forgive me, but I have a hard time taking the "This villain seems lame" as a legitimate argument that naruto is showing uncharacteristic frailty and weakness. You're injecting anecdotal disapproval, that's not exactly taking an objective approach.

    Lame or un-lame, assuming a new villain(that we know very little about) should be dispatched by naruto without so much as breaking a sweat just seems obtuse to me.
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  15. i just thought of something..

    when the kyuubi was taken out of kushina, couldn't minato just have sealed it back in her and saved her life?

    like how they put the kyuubi back into naruto to stop a jinchuuriki's death
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  16. Naruto wasn't even fighting - he just stood there protecting Sarada while Sasuke fought. I'm pretty sure he was confident enough in Sasuke that he wasn't expecting Sasuke's sword through his gut, but in the end that's what happened. He said he'd be fine and he felt like a chump about it. It's not like he got beat down, he goofed up.
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  17. Possibly.
    But then again if he did that, we wouldn't really have a manga to begin with.
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  18. Ur also forgetting Sasuke was even fooled by the dude's sword jutsu........ plus even Kurama said that was a minor flesh wound pretty much. Also u also seem to forget during the fight against the 10 tails, Naruto made an ultimate dumbass move N even the 2nd said he has officially found someone dumber than his brother lmao. Granted he was joking, but he was kinda serious at the same time.

    Now that Sauske got his power up, Naruto is definately gonna me more "up to speed" so to speak........ he gots Kurama or should i say Mick in his corner

  19. Im not saying any enemy should be just killed off easily....just that one that could acctually hurt him should be much more impressive,so far at least Im not impressed...it seems the kind of enemy Kakashi could deal with even before the war while he was rusty.

    my point is not "oh,but Naruto should be invincible"... it is more like...if a guy who controls flying blades could hurt him...a more deadly enemy would kill him or the kids before he could get his mojo back up.
    Imagine if a Itachi level enemy showed up...he would be dead, yes,itachi is itachi...but is is meant to be the kage..and he is suppose to know more know and be wiser than he was before.

    Maybe not..I mean,she was pregnant and all,so that must've taken a huge strain on her...it is likely she couldnt hold off kyuub even if it was put back...

    I understand how it happened...I understand he wasnt really worried ,specially worried about Sasuke's sword...
    and Naruto is stupid,I know that...it is just that I expected him to be...better now. He doesnt have to be Minato level of bad ass but that mistake,even being a flesh wound could've hurt the kids if Sasuke didnt jump in front of blades and even then it could still do greater harm if Sasuke hadnt come with her dynamic entry.

    parhaps I was just expecting too much out of him...but I also agree that Naruto will be a little more prepared next time.
    (Also..Sasuke not even trying to understand the guy's justu makes less sense than Naruto..Sasuke could not pull of a susano,I get that...but he should've at least tried to understand the guy's skills...specaially since unlike Naruto he's been very active.)
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  20. Again, this character and his various clones were just introduced to us. We have no basis of comparison to gauge his strength other than the implanted sharingan's, which ironically makes your argument seem all the more pointless. The sharingan afterall, is the one jutsu that affects the kyubi's chakra system more than anything else. The very reason sasuke is the only shinobi who could legitimately match narutos explosive power and chakra stores, is because he possesses a technique that is the genetic counterpoint to kurama.

    As far as not being "Impressed", well that's a matter of preference and interpretation.
    Since when is anyone with a dojutusu, let alone the sharingan/rinnigan cupcakes? Even with those eyes implanted directly into the body (rather than inheriting them naturally), said person is by default going to be very formidable, perhaps even to a shinobi of kage status.

    Have we not learned this lesson yet? Those damn eyes are the manga equivalent of a cheatcode, being perpetually abused by a manga author who's lost his panache.

    I forget how much of a stickler you are for non sequiturs.

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