1. Sakura: "I was just biding time for my husband to come rescue me so I resume my place as his bicycle."
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  2. so sasuke can just jump dimensions?

    I thought he had to swap with something
  3. Well, before he was still new to the Rinnegan. So he probably trained with to access more abilities of the Rinnegan and MS.

    Also, Sasuke's excuse for his previous poor performance in battle is better than Naruto's. Looks like Sasuke's powers were temporarily weakened by searching in Kaguya's dimension. Naruto's excuse is that he's plain out of practice. Makes it look like Sasuke kept up his training while Naruto neglected his.
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  4. more like sasuke was still active as a ninja while naruto's only exercise came from chasing around Boruto.
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  5. Wouldn't you be out of practice too if you were inventing 1001 uses for Hinata's boobs?
  6. Which is Naruto's fault. While he's busy as Hokage and can't go out into the field as much anymore, he can still kept up with his training. Especially since he can use clones. He used clones to train Boruto while at the same time working in his office. This just makes Naruto look like post-Cell saga Gohan.
  7. Sakura remembers that D lol. I'm glad Naruto talked some sense into Sarada b/c she was starting to piss me off. Naruto had to tell her basically what we've all been saying last week. Who the hell has been there for you all this time? that's all that matters geez and work on the issues you have later when you are all back together.
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  8. I think your going a little overboard with the Gohan comparison. If you think about it Naruto hasn't seriously fought yet, so it's too soon to judge how much he is out of practice. When Naruto was stuck with the sword, he was technically watching the fight. not participating in it. Just dismiss it as another example of poor writing from Kishi. He wanted to show shin's eye's ability ,and he was not creative enough to think of a justified way to do it in time. The Last Naruto the movie already showed in the end Naruto never really stopped training, so even if he got careless, (which is a manga hero staple, even Goku has shown carelessness in battle; since you mentioned dbz) he should actually be stronger as far as raw power then in the end of the manga. Also remember one thing about the Naruto manga, is that that the element of surprise has always been an important tool regardless how strong the opponent is. Think about it, wasn't Madara at the height of his power, blindsided by Black Zetsu, and we both know Madara was far from rusty when that happened.
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  9. Seriously? Two pages of flashback.. seriously? Waste of space on a 18 page chapter...
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  10. Ha.. I thought the same thing Ice. Felt like anime filler.. nooo. That cel where Sakura is tapping salad's head.. she even kinda looks like Itachi from the side.

    Naruto would have had the same impact on Sarada as Hokage or not and anyone else.. he is pretty much the load that keeps everything together. I don't blame Sarada for how she was acting.. I mean look at her parents and she's a Uchiha. Also, Sakura is about to give some beatings. She has to have a lot of pent up sexual stressed anger.

    Yeah I don't really feel the gohan post cell vibe either. I mean he is still more powerful than pretty much anyone else in the village cept his uchiha buddy debatable. On his worse day he'd own any ninja's ass and if he needs to push it up a notch he will. No reason to go all out and reveal your cards to some sharingan headed freak right away. Gohan is more or less just a pussy in SS terms. Enough with the Dbz / Naruto comparisons!!! lol.
  11. Also guys... there were kids there... common anime trope - if kids are there... their powers are instantly nerfed or something.
  12. lol ^ plus I mean you can't be making Sarada's pops look like a scrub right off the bat. :D
  13. Will Sakura be useful for once? I don't believe it.
  14. Wow, long time no see TAL:p Naruto's been so far off my radar, I only just today found out there's more of it and caught up again.

    Anyway, putting in my prediction now: Sarada has no relation to Karin at all. That sample they found in Karin's desk was a sample she took from Sasuke and was holding onto, so obviously the DNA test showed a match between Sasuke and Sarada.
  15. Wb Muken
  16. welcome back, its been a long time since ive seen a MuKen post
  17. Sakura definitely remembers when Sasuke hit her with the D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sarada ain't ready for that conversation yet lol. Sakura looking badass, she needs to hurry up and kill everyone in that room. That I know she should be able to take care on her own. I can't wait for the discussion between everyone of who's the baby mama.

    Now this is the Sasuke who I expected he would become and that makes perfect sense. Naruto is the only lazy bum that slacked off lol.
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  18. What a grateful patient.
  19. To be fair...Naruto must've been training,but who would be a adequate training partner for him? besides himself (which is kinda already knows himself well) ...even if Kakashi was still young he was still MUCH weaker than Naruto and that's even before he got full power (with the exception of when he was with obito's spiritual eyes, but that was a moment thing)

    Naruto has never been a "ninja" he is and has always been a power bomb, Im sure if kishi is not THAT bad at writing we will see him do some new things that look "holy shit" like.

    Well, this is Naruto...it can go long without a long unecessary filler....it may look stupid for us,but if a first time reader comes across it...it is very helpfull.

    Sarada did seem to get a little more ok with things after Naruto speech and after she heard Sasuke talking about Sakura ( "my wife is not weak") , Sarada is a kid,we must remember that....speaking of which,Im sure there will be one scene in this whole thing or future events in which the brownie girl will see her parents doing awesome stuff and go like "ha,they really are my parents".

    and you are right about Naruto,also like I said...he is a very powerbomb kind of guy, he doesnt fight in the woods, he fight in the desert because after he is done there are no more woods to be seen.

    Well, Naruto and Sasuke do fight on a very...large scale.
    the same could be said for even Sakura...so it is true that if Naruto was truly fighting and not watching the kids we would see a better performance (and a lot more collateral damage)
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