1. How do we know Oro is experimenting for terror and domination.......... for all we know that test tube could've been from all those years ago. What are talking about, Oro still did experimenting after Sarutobi caught him. Matter of fact he did way worse experiments afterwards, so no Sarutobi couln't stop anything and never did.

    Also if it weren't for Oro, Kaguya would've won and everyone would be in an infinite Tsukiuyoma and this would be someone's dream.......... Naruto and Sasuke would've got their asses kicked separately if it weren't for Oro. Yes i said, IF IT WEREN'T FOR ORO THIS WOULD NEVER BE HAPPENING lmao.

    Plus he had a big change of heart against the 10 tails, so how do u know he's not studying things to actually benefit Konoha or the ninja world. U said it yourself why isn't Naruto forbidding him and stopping him and that Kakashi said it would be over for him regardless of his contribuition........ well it's obvious he's not crossing the line, so like i said ur jumping to conclusions.
  2. Orochimaru ran out of Konoha cause Saratobi caught him and he became a rouge ninja. I agree Kaguya would of won without the help of Orochimaru no one is arguing that.

    It's really about them knowing Orochimaru running his forbidden ninjutsu and immoral freak science experiments. He's a mad scientist. The good scientist have good code of ethics.

    It could be maybe cause Oro was 'the man(ish)' when Naruto was a kid. I just expect Naruto to be more assertive and say wtf are you doing Oro, shut all this crap down now because I said so.
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  3. Is Naruto going to end up on Lifetime... I mean come on... who's your mother, who's your father? Is this even a thing? Why you gotta make it complicated? Love the person who raise you... the person who was never there - why bother with them? Crying over spilled milk...
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  4. We are being trolled. Sakura is the mother, but maybe she has karins DNA as well because sasuke has been absorbing her chakra for so long and passed it along with his uchiha genes...

    In which case sarada is a rinnegan candidate...
  5. I can even try to speculate a step further. Sasuke knows his offspring is destined to obtain the sharingan. Understanding the conditions of a sharingan user (going blind) Sasuke figured he needed to do something genetically in order to prevent his offspring from going blind because there are no more sharingan eyes (in their possession). That is my other theory.
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  6. After re-reading the chapter, I wouldn't be surprised if it was just as simple as the wrong DNA sample. Suigetsu got the sample from Karin's desk and thought it was from when she was born, but knowing Karin's stalker tendencies, it could be that the DNA sample was actually Sasuke's. Just a possibility that occurred to me.

    Also, didn't Kishi mention in the Shinden Fu no Sho guestbook that Sarada was Sakura's daughter and that Sarada was given some of Sakura's qualities to look cute? Though I suppose Kishi could be going in the direction that Karin is Sarada's biological mother, but that Sakura is Sarada's "real" mother due to raising her. I suppose it would go along with Sakura's speech to Shin this chapter about parenthood being more than just genes.
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  7. Man you know these Uchiha's base everything off their butthurtedness instead of logic. It makes too much sense to care for the person that has been there for you your entire life. Itachi and maybe Shisui are the only exceptions.
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  8. I never thought of that :eek: Suigetsu can be an idiot too at times. You sir may have won the medal.
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  9. I hadn't thought about him getting the wrong sample, but my initial reaction was that this will all be played off as an idiot mistake by Suigetsu.
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  10. Funny thing is,Im quite sure Sarada will run off...and Naruto wont be able to get her (because I mean,what could possibly be wrong with the hokage not being able to capture a child) and then they will have to save her from evil guy..and Sakura will put herself in danger to protect her and she will be all like"oh mother love and what not"...

    and with some luck Boruto will show up...
    in all honesty tho,they should've droped the kids back to konoha already.
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  11. While I do think Sakura is probably her real mother, I still can't help but wonder why Sarada doesn't have any birth records in Konhoa. I mean the only example we have of a shinobi being born away from the village is Naruto, and that's only because his mother was the jinchurikki. So unless Sarada is secretly a jinchurikki or something (which seems unlikely), why wasn't she born in the village? Was there any indication that Sakura ever left the village for an extended period of time? If Kishi was just trolling with the question of Sarada'a origins, then this should have been done about 3 issues ago. There has to be some kind of deeper plot explanation for why this even matters.
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  12. Well i guess u got good a point about maybe Oro's womanly side throwing Naruto off lmao.......... but like i said maybe he's not doing the forbidden jutsu thing anymore. Remember the convo between him and Sasuke, when Sasuke called him out about "not wanting to destroy Konoha anymore on a whim is BS" even Oro acknowledged it.

    I guess u can say to me Oro use to be more like Mayuri; with the sadistic, don't care about the lives of others, by any means necessary state of mind....... now i'd say he's more like Urahara; where he actually cares about those around him now, and researches things for more of a good cause...... but more than likely still keeps up to date with the stuff that is considered "evil."

    Hmmmm.... u might be onto something. Lately i been thinking there is something along those lines and Sarada being "unique" among any Uchiha we seen. We do know Sasuke alwayz wanted to revive the Uchiha clan (at least until he found out about Itachi). Maybe this time around he wanted to change a few things so they can have some less Emo Uchiha's....... the fact that Uzumaki's were known for their durability and chakra reserves, means they would need some of the Uzumaki's genes to counter the blindness.
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  13. One can only hope! Brace your self though!
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  14. the funny thing is I think Sakura could just fight her way out of all those shin clones, she can't die from wounds

    Maybe if they catch her in a genjutsu I guess, but in that small corridor they are in I would think her strength plus the fact that their leader is on an operating table would allow her to make a getaway

    But I hope sarada ends up being a combination of uchiha, uzumaki, and haruno
  15. I find it highly questionable that orochimaru, a freak who could practicaly smell genetic peculiarities didn't bat an eyelash at sarada or sense anything amiss about her. Orochimaru stuck his nose in everything, there is absolutely no way he didn't know about this.

    This turning into a poorly written soap opera.
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