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    Wow kishi is really trying to sell it to us.
    Oro and tsunade, the two sannin with body issues who wants to look eternally young. They must be close to 70 old years by now.
  2. Oro's children coming back to haunt? Also, is that really young Oro? I kinda sped read through the chapter. Kill him Sakura.. and you fail.
  3. Yeah, I get the feeling that this is all a red herring and that Sarada will end up being revealed as really Sakura's daughter all along. I don't know; she might really be Karin's daughter, but that's the feeling I get.

    Don't know why Sakura hasn't tried to kill those dudes yet. I don't expect her to succeed but you'd think she'd be smart enough to at least try it.

    Also, don't know why Naruto is apparently willing to let Orochimaru continue his experiments. Naruto questions the morality of Orochimaru's experiments, but doesn't seem to be doing anything about it. They're just talking like old friends or something. I can understand Sasuke ignoring it, but "savior of the world" Naruto?

    My favorite part of the chapter is Chouchou wondering about Orochimaru's gender.
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  4. And so the Emo-saga continues...dang Uchihas I tell you. Next thing you know she's going to want revenge on her dad for...no wait that won't happen all over again will it lol. Even years upon years after Itachi's death dude is still being mentioned. Such a beast.
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  5. He's there for info. He's not going to start a fight with orochimaru while the kids, especially Sarada who surely would be if interest to oro, are there. Also, he saw no experiments being done. That child was cultivated a long time ago and is just sitting pretty. Oro has done all he wants to that child already. He's just there just in case he can becomes useful.
  6. Yes suigetsu

    Sasuke is that much of a sum bag...lol
  7. Kids these days... believe everything are told from a complete stranger.

    What if Sarada is actually an Orochimaru experiment?
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  8. LOOOL Suigetsu. That's how I remember him hahaha :D

    Looking forward to how this will unfold. Chapter was actually a bit philosophical this time, I was pleasantly surprised.
  9. Except the philosophy is overdone cliche

    Explain how this guy is more dangerous than the g mother of all ninjas
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  10. Bet the reason the "DNA?" test was a match have something to do with the many times sasuke used karin to heal himself up by biting her...maybe.
  11. LMFAO @ this chapter.

    I'm loving Cho-Cho more and more this girl said that he-she thing is freaking me out. Someone photoshop Orochimaru and put him on Vanity Fair Cover magazine for me.

    Suigetsu saying I didn't know Sasuke was that much of a pimp killed me. How could he not know? Sasuke's swag has always been 100! Look at the flashback with Karin all over him and him not giving a shit hahahaha.

    Sasuke couldn't pick one over the other in terms of being too desperate its a damn tie if he had to choose which girl to pick hahaha.

    That whole Suigetsu-Naruto convo was pure lulz omfg hahaha.... "well, i'll just leave everything to you" lmfao!!!!!

    I'll spoil everything for everyone right now, we'll later be informed that Sakura can't bare children and that she was a surrogate mother and carried Karin's eggs and Sasuke's sperm for 10 months. I want a medal if I'm right.
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  12. You will get your medal, San Goku. The whole thing has indeed gotten out of hand and is totally absurd.

    Yes, but you gotta give it to him for trying. At least it's not that friendship crap the manga got so infested with. The Zabuza arc, now those were conversations to remember. And Shikamaru against that immortal dude, those were the times...
  13. Bitch pls
    i called it way back in the first chapter.

    Whoever said that Shin is the big bad Sasuke was talking about? Shin is filler to show how complacent the old generation has become and for Sarada to have her family crisis.
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  14. I could see this being the case. I would venture that orochimarus creations cannot sexually reproduce.

    Loved the chapter overall!!

    Sakura breaking the Fourth Wall: "You're not even Orochimaru!!" Loved it....THEN ORO came back!! Favorite villain in the manga!....Suigetsu calling Sasuke a scumbag!!

    Cliche bad-guy logic combined with Itachi fanboy-ism. (Go to war, to abolish war...fist full of freedom for all!)

    Sarada getting heated! Naruto being Hokage f***
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  15. No metal for you. Going with Ice Van on this. Sarada is a clone experiment. Sasuke wanted Karins superior genetic make up, but Sakuras superior values/strength to instill within his child. But orochimarus experiments, I predict, cannot sexually reproduce. OR run the risk of producing Orochi-kids.

    The curse seal was like a virus or symbiote...f***ing science. It needed time to take over the body on more than a jutsu level since he could rebirth through it I guess.
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  17. Dude is Oro the Bruce Jenner of the fucking manga or what lol. Also i don't get why everyone is shocked about Naruto and Sasuke not tripping off Oro.......... he had a big part in helping save the world. Indirectly...... but still none the less he helped out.

    I wouldn't be surprised if he cut a deal saying he'll cut the psycho experiments if they let him experiment in peace. Plus i get the feeling Oro isn't the sick bastard he use to be........ i bet he's still a sick bastard, but not the same sick bastard.
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  18. Still, that is something no one here can overlook with common sense. Naruto is the Commander and Chief of the Ninja World and he's not ordering Oro to stop. Saratobi would of had all experiments shut down and everything destroyed. I am very surprised at Naruto's behavior. Even Kakashi when he was hokage told Sasuke if he continues causing trouble it's over for him regardless of his contribution to the war.

    That was funny....@Yamato I know right :again:
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  19. Sasuke you bastard. Why do I get the feeling that Sakura was a surrogate womb or something? This can't go down like this. Muh feels
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