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  2. So.. Naruto is still shaking off pollution from wanting Sakura when he is younger and Sasuke is getting polluted for 'being with' Sakura now?
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  3. Yes exactly it's like Days of our Ninja Lives. At this point it would of been better for someone to get drunk and bang Tsunade or the elders. However, Naruto doesn't give a piss about Sakura and that is evident in the movie and oh yeah he has kids with a hotter chick than her. naruto just hates not being acknowledged.
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  4. Well I think he jumped in the way rather than risk those things being capable of piercing his susano'o to strategically make sure she wouldn't get hurt

    And sasuke looks like a cross between madara and nagato

    But these knife attacks should give sasuke an excellent opportunity to show off shinra tensei if he has it
  5. ^
    He caught the virus. Quick call the truth doctor to educate some knowledge into this one.
  6. So he has eyes on his head with which he was able to see attacks a few panels before but for since reason he can't see sakura coming.
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  7. What? Lol
  8. I'm a little disappointed only in the sense that Naruto doesn't appear to have gained the self respect of a hokage.
    But then again, this is naruto...he's had the same personality since chapter one.
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  9. Well even sandaime was known as kind of a pervert, that second hokage seemed more curt, but hashirama, and minato were both pretty goofy themselves
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  10. Actually it feels like to me Naruto is pretty damn well respected. I mean the whole hero thing vs Pain and then the war and how choji's fat little daughter responds to him like she is in the presence of a legend and Sasuke's little bastard too.

    Legends require time to evolve into something more than legendary. The hokages are all known for their personal feats and downfalls but nothing an ordinary ninja could have done.

    Naruto depending on how long he lives will be more than the others. He's already accomplished a great deal.

    Is his face in the mount rushmore yet? Also, calling it now Salad or Boruto die.

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