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  2. I think it's just that Sasuke can control his Rinnegan better. The Rinnegan with the tomoe seems to allow Sasuke to use the Rinnegan and Sharingan abilities simultaneously, which probably uses up a lot of chakra then using them separately. When Madara used his Rinnegan, he switched between the forms to use their respective abilities (aside from Susanoo, which he didn't even need eyes for).

    Also, damn. I can't believe Naruto and Sasuke were put on the ropes so quickly like that and had to be saved by Sakura of all people. Kurama wasn't kidding when he said their battle skills had gotten rusty. Not as bad as what happened to Gohan in DBZ, but still... Guess that's what happens in times of peace.
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  3. So sasuke rinnegan no more tomoe

    Even during 699, a year and a half after kaguya he still had his tomoe.. Why now?

    I wanna see shinra tensei and other rinnegan techniques
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  4. Haha. sasuke and naruto got beat up.

    They are rusty. a cheap trick managed to scratch them.

    Cause I don't believe it was anything more than a scratch.

    Fun fight. really curious though on what's going to happen to Sakura
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  5. worse than getting beat up is being rescued by sakura.
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  6. ^

    It is not so bad being saved by Sakura now. She is a grown women so to me she has a clean slate, starts at 100% lol almost a new character. Sakura looked badass by the way. It wouldn't of hurt Sasuke to of said thank you lol. Also wtf, I can understand that they let their guard down cause they haven't been in any real battle in like 10 years but when the enemy got away in the space time jutsu for the love of me I can't understand why Sasuke didn't use his rinnegan like he did in the war to beam everyone in through the portal after the enemy. Or simply teleport Sakura out the way.
  7. Haters going to hate.
  8. Sasuke should be able to use shinra tensei

    He used chibaku tensei at the VOTE #2 so we know he possesses the rinnegans gravitational powers
  9. dreed said:
    Haha. sasuke and naruto got beat up.

    Worse than all of that is Sakura has the chance to end this dude while he's flat on his back hurt and she is going to help save his life or let him heal himself. I wonder if the white hair clones would die if old man shin dies.
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  10. That nostalgic feeling is starting to wear off... Kish is that you? Doing that same shit again? You think having Sakura save the day would give you points?
  11. I have a better idea.. Sakura will hook up with Shin. She is the Konoha Bicycle after all and her marriage is a sham and she's a lonely housewife who probably uses Kuchiyose no Jutsu for lovers.
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  12. ...

    You think she fucks slimes.
    Can you pm the hentai you had found?
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  13. Gezz...the two most "powerfull ninjas alive" getting struck like that....
    at least they can see that it was a rookie move from them.

    (but yes,it was just a scratch...a very VERY shamefull scratch)
    and its seems like Naruto really didn't learn FTG,shame...

    Also Sakura,wtf? saving that guy? really?
    this episode was a pain to read...
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  14. You have no idea how hard I laughed reading these two post.
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  15. People are worrying that this might turn to DBZ where the users are so powerful... then after that... they become weak...*cough* Gohan...
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  16. I don't know if sasuke and naruto are weak

    But ninja skills can grow dull, I mean 10+ years of absolute peace and prosperity will take you off your game a little bit

    But jutsu and chakra wise I'm sure they are much more skilled now
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  17. They still got it but there is clearly some 'rust' they have to shake off.
  18. ^ Yeah I'm sure Sakura has some rust to.. oh you meant naruto and sasuke. My bad. Seriously though we've seen it over and over where a champion/hero wins big then has peace time and yeah I do equate it to Gohan like others. They become slow to react with less battle and training. I mean how much training does Naruto really do now anyway. He's pretty close to a God.

    He just needs a few battles to raise himself back up to Goduto levels.
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  19. That's such a trope/cliche...

    I mean, we haven't seen it yet. But if it turns out that these villains can do damage. At least make a reason why they can... but from the current point of view it doesn't seem like they are badasses. Sasuke should have unleashed Susanoo... and shit like that... last chapter, he could have switched places with Salad and unleashed Susanoo or what not...

    But nope, he did the "My body move on his own" shit.... just to show that he cares for Salad.
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  20. I know right? he was like "well fuck,Im stufck" ...like,really? you have a rinnegan,Susano, Materasu,Tsukyomi...
    to be fair,if they were at the top of their game...there would be no enemy capable of hitting them...but maybe they could bring a more powerfull enemy instead,moving blades are nice and all but...meh.

    if Naruto had made one Kage bunshin this would be done ...I take no issue with Sakura interference...but making it seem like they would've died without her help was...complicated.. to say the least.

    Madara would've killed himself in shame for losing to them if he wasnt dead.
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