1. i think its bullshit narutos rasengan stopped that chidori/amaterasu attack.

    makes absoluteley no sense
  2. Did Sasuke cry in the last page because he lost his arm? Or because he finally decided to be human?
  3. LOL what do you think
  4. Well...losing an arm must hurt quite a lot.
    but he is probably crying because he havent been happy in quite some time...

    tho he cries often..it is usually blood not tears.
  5. ook. life without naruto. hmm gantz already ended a while back. I wont even mention bleach. Goddammit what the hell am i gonna read now :rage
  6. I felt like this after histories greatest deciple kenichi ended. Only fairy tail in the weekend doesn't seem right.
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  7. Rasengan>>>>>>Chidori.

    In both formulation and application, the rasengan is the superior technique IMO...but only just.
    Before sasuke inherited the chakra of what was essentially a ninjutus god, the chasm was a bit wider(still in favor of the rasengan) due to its lightening fast(Pun intended) chakra depletion to stamina ratio. Unlike the rasengan that isolates the chakra allocated to it within a sphere ridding the user of the necessity of constantly divvying out massive amounts just to keep it activated, the chidori is a continuous stream of escaping chakra that can only last for so long.

    The chidori is also more of a cutting weapon, than a high explosive.
    I don't see how it doesn't make sense.
  8. I don't see you mentioning the amaterasu that was combined with the chidori. I'm with uchihaeyez. Sasukes combination attack should've been stronger.
    If naruto used the rasenshuriken that would've been a different story but it was clearly a normal rasengan.
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  9. http://readms.com/r/naruto/698/2587/6

    A rasengan augmented by the rest of kurama's chakra, going up against a chidori amplified by a considerably low caliber amaterasu. Sasukes eye's were nearly tapped, if he was at full strength your argument would hold water but as it is, he wasn't and the kyubi was well aware of it.
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  10. Sasuke got Kurama's chakra as well. We don't know how much of Kurama Sasuke got. Apparently it was enough to draw against a Kurama powered Rasengan.
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  11. isnt' rasengan solely a shape manipulation based attack?

    Versus Chidori which is an elemental manipulation as well as a shape manipulation.

    Why is it rasengan>>>>>>chidori when every moment up until now they have canceled each other out???

    They've always been portrayed as being tied in strength it makes no sense why after being combinated with an amaterasu it would still be on the same level of attack
  12. A rasenshuriken would have probably obliterated both of them into particles.
  13. IMO, it shoudn't be stronger....
    I believe it goest like this....an amaterasu powered jutsu doesn't get stronger than it's normal version,it simply get the "small bonus" of burning your opponent ,if hit, to with eternal flames.
    In that sense, the clash should infact have killed them both,as the impact "spread" the jutsu...meaning they would be both on fire.

    take for example when Sasuke "upgrades" the susano ribs with amaterasu to protect against the raikage,it didnt get stonger (harder)....it only got WAY more dangerous.

    chirodi is a blade..if you put the blade on fire it wont be stronger against other blades but it will hurt more if it hits you.

    The whole "giant power ball" is likely a result from the rasengan,as it "breaks" it expands....which is why we get that effect...if they were both using chirodi we probalby would get ,if anything, a lightining strike between both.
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  14. ....

    I think if sasuke ever used a regular chidori to stop a rasenshuriken people would be raging balls.

    But naruto stops a double elemental attack with a simple rasengan and its all good
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  15. i was never under the impression that the two jutsu were "tied in strength". rasengan was described as the ultimate shape manipulation and we eventually found out it was based off a biju dama. if that water tower was any indication, rasengan had much more destructive power than a chidori. i'm guessing the chakra from the kyuubi is what probably kept it matched with the amaterasu infused chidori.
  16. they always negate each other = tied in strength

    and sasuke had kyuubi chakra too thats not what tipped the scale
  17. and we have no idea how much sasuke got versus how much the fox just gave naruto. for it to have been worked into the story there i'm guessing it's probably not an insignificant amount.
  18. i doubt it was much more then he had given sasuke, there wasnt as much time to accumulate chakra as before.

    either way it makes no sense
  19. He saved a bunch of money on his Rasengan Insurance by switching to Geico.
  20. you are forgetting a normal rasengan is the maximum of what you can achieve with shape manipulation alone. it is the pinnacle of shape manipulation. whereas chidori is a combination of shape and elemental manipulation but nowhere near the top in either category. i agree with the others who said this, if naruto had gone against sasuke with a full RS or even fuuton rasengan he would have shredded sasuke into bits or both of them. also take into account naruto used a kurama powered rasengan which should be easy enough to cancel out sasuke's amaterasu powered chidori.

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