1. Whoah
  2. Yuuup...time for this shit to wrap up..friendship no jutsu next chapter
  3. Yeah...in the end, Sasuke absorving the bijuus will be his undoing....I was hoping Naruto would also get a new form but...seems like it wont happen for now...

    Maybe they will "end it" in the future movie...maybe Sasuke will decide to step aside but be wathcing...kinda like "if things go sour...Imma slap that bitch"
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  4. If it ends any other way other than Naruto with the hokage hat married to Hinata.. I'll even take a quick timeskip in the last few frames to show him with a Sasuke jr or Jiraiya jr or whatever running around and they need a little girl with her eyes.. then it's a complete and utter disappointment.

    Has to be done. I want a ova or something later too showing Naruto vs Konohomaru much older.

    As for this chapter I'm powered up and battle worn out. It's been a long war. Just get it over already.
  5. stop your whining and suck it up. you've stayed with this manga for nearly 700 chapters and 15 years. The least you can do is have some faith in Kishi to wrap this up nicely. I am enjoying this and i will accept whatever the outcome of this fight is.
    i like the new susanoo design and nice to see that naruto form his ancestor's avatar
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  6. Vic's reaction to the war at the beginning and end. :troll

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  7. I have.. some faith in him lol. Whining? how hurtful..
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  8. with that bijuu chakra sasuke should be worlds, levels, and leagues above naruto.

    speed wise he was already catching him, chakra wise the sage gave them the same level of power.
  9. I'm beginning to think Sasuke is struggling with this more than he's letting off. It isn't going to take all that much to crack his resolve which is why he wants to get rid of Naruto as quickly as possible and is trying to disregard everything Naruto says. Since Sasuke seems to run off his own twisted logic of how this is how "it has to be", Naruto really just needs to win the debate on how it won't, not the battle. He has given Sasuke "what ifs" but not actual logical reasoning as to why his plan is flawed at a fundamental level and why it won't better the current cycle the world is currently in. Only problem I see is that Naruto isn't as intelligent as Sasuke and sees things black and white. Winning that debate might be more difficult than winning the battle for him.

    Either way, Sasuke is going going to lose his resolve at some point. I'm sure of this. Just not sure how it will happen.
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  10. Props to Kishi for actually making Sasuke want to kill Naruto.
    Minus points for Sasuke being dumber than I gave him credit for. Think of something to be a villain forever? You don't need to be hokage for that... Maybe the MS translation was just weird?

    Edit: Mangaspanda's translation makes a LOT more sense. Dang. Now I'm just meh about it.
  11. it seemed more like saying he would exist as the unified front for everyone to stand underneath, and for those unwilling, he has the power to deal with.....for all time
  12. ^ AE: dictatorship

    He literally wants to "take over the world" - biggest super villain cliche there is. I honestly wanted more for Sasuke. His brother was such a brilliantly misunderstood and complex character in the series, and will always be my favorite. Sasuke is falling short, and it's terribly disappointing.
  13. yes but the method behind the madness is that the power dispersed among the villages still lead to the hatred that has festered until now, i agree i wanted more of sasuke in terms of ambition and strategy, but his reasons for becoming such a villian is to be a lesser evil than that which has encompassed the ninja world

    and i dont see how there is anway possible narutos attack could be on the same levels as sasukes right now
  14. That much I understand, but in the same regard he doesn't see that Madara and Obito had the same twisted logic about their plan to 'force' the world to make peace with the infinite tsukuyomi. Oppression is still oppression. Eventually they will just start war with Sasuke and thus we still have death and destruction, only this time by Sasuke himself, whom is putting this plan in place to abolish these very things. There is no way to rule with fear and power the way he plans to without bringing about a uprising along the line. There will always be another "Naruto" who will be there when push comes to shove. It's exactly why dictatorship isn't an efficient way to govern. Sasuke is simply just taking Madara place as I see it. The death won't stop and peace can't be maintained that way.

    Simply put, he is as deluded as every other villain in the series was, before Naruto beat sense into them and they realized how flawed their methods were. Sasuke won't be any different. If anything Naruto had an advantage with Sasuke, given their complicated bromance. Lol
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  15. Jeez man chill. Sides with Kishi's track record lately it's pretty easy to understand why anyone would have lost some faith LOL
  16. Wasn't digging the illustration, but good chapter none the less.

    And kishi managed it all with minimal flashbacks??? *Waits for Rod Serling to appear*
  17. Actually had naruto not been there Obito would have gotten all the shinobi to go along willingly after he summoned the tree and killed a ton of them.

    I see what your saying about others not going along, but if he did succeed he has already said he would execute the 5 kage first. what morale would the few shinobi left have to muster once their symbol of leadership in their village is destroyed. All this to create the sense of a new era arising.

    i dont think we know enough of what he plans to do from there. undo the five villages into one yes, but to implement and enforce laws in multiple lands singelhandly for eternity is not an realisitc plan. so i doubt he will have to kill many after the first few who defect. after that its a matter of making sure that all of these lands have a shared prosperity and anyone who stands in the way of that will be cut down by him.

    i mean thats what villages do today except they pay ninja to do missions neccesary for their continued prosperity, and in the limited view of isolating their own lands and killing each other continously over a period of time all in a mad struggle for power not trusting each other to become a reliable unified resource.

    to view sasukes "enforcer" choice as naive i can understand, but realistically he is just stopping the ninja from killing themselves, and displacing that hatred unto himself as the one whom all must rely on
  18. Sasuke is love. Sasuke is life.
  19. ^ pretty much that. LOL

    Though yeah I see what you're saying. His heart is in the right place, but his execution is all wrong. I'm sure in the end Naruto and him will find some common ground, if he doesn't die or cut down Naruto and Rinne Rebirth him back to life and die all anti-hero like, that is.
    There will be some twist to it all.. Anxious to see how this all unravels but still not sure how I feel about Naruto finally ending...

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