1. Well, that was actually sort of funny. I wasn't expecting that in a serious fight like this and it almost worked too. Still, I'm not sure that type of humor should have a place in what's supposed to be the biggest fight of the manga.

    It's obvious that the Naruto clone will revive Obito and with both eyes, Obito and his Kamui will be used to counter Kaguya's dimension hopping abilities. This of course will bring up the plot hole of why Black Zetsu didn't kill Obito when he had chance. At first I thought that Madara and BZ left Obito alive so BZ could use his MS to fight Naruto and Sasuke, but then Kaguya was revived. So why didn't Kaguya or BZ kill or absorb Obito shortly afterward? If BZ is supposed to be the ultimate mastermind of this manga, then that was a rather silly mistake on his part.

    I'm also curious how Sasuke's Rinnegan teleportation works and how it differs from Kamui and Hiraishin. So far, it seems to be like Hiraishin without needing a marking, but only works in short range.

    Also, I wonder how readers would react if the manga really had ended with a victory over Kaguya due to Naruto's perverted jutsu?
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  2. [IMG]
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  3. hands down the best damn chapter in recent memory, naruto still lives upto his name
    also, presenting Kaguya Travels, around the world in 80 seconds

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  4. At first I didn't know what to make of Naruto's choice of jutsu but reading it again I actually really enjoyed the chapter. It was a nice break from the constant serious fighting which just added to the shock and suprise element for me.... A rarity in Naruto these days. Just reminded me of classic Naruto and in a weird way establishes how unique Naruto is even in the face of the creator of chakra. I loved Sakuras reaction loool.
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  5. Well, it was a surprising jutsu from Naruto, but I'm not sure that jutsu belongs in a fight like this.

    However, it WAS surprising. I still feel like Kishimoto is out of ideas for him to go with that jutsu.
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  6. Best jutsu to use against a God
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  7. "That Jutsu" will now and forever be "Reverse Harem No Jutsu".
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  8. How many times are you gonna let someone teleport to your back...
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  9. So no one is gonna make a statement or ask if Obito was brought back to life? It looked liked he exhaled.

    For real, there is no excuse for that one lol
  10. WHAT? NARUTO PRACTICED THIS MORE THAN THE RASENGAN? UHHHHHHM jokes aside is Kishi making an lgbt statement here?
  11. Obito has both his eyes... Susano'o??
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  12. I hope obito comes back I'd really rather see anyone fight other than naruto and sasuke right now
  13. So obito will help them fight her dimensional transfers

    And his right eye went EMS, first time since his left eye got the shinju rinnegan

    I wonder why sometimes it bleeds during Amaterasu and sometimes not
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  14. Not gonna lie, I was choking when I got to "that jutsu." I was drinking some water...

    Anyway, I will just say that I enjoyed this chapter.
  15. The biggest problem with this chapter was that, yet again, she just ripped open a hole through space and grabbed Sasuke. STOP LEAVING YOUR BACKS OPEN. But worse is that if Kaguya had the time to grab Sas and pull him through to the desert, she had time to stab him through the fucking heart and be done with him.

    Its an unbelievably powerful ability to be able to move through space like she does, but of course its wasted on all of these tourist destinations. With the exception of the lava, that was actually smart.
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  16. How about rinnegan too! He will be the guy to most likely bring Sasuke back to the battle field. That or Obito could probably just back Naruto.
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  17. I can honestly say I did not see "that jutsu," coming a mile away
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  18. Honestly, with the clusterfuck of overdone stupidity that was the last chapter...this kind of levity was just what the doctor ordered. By no means does it undo the tumor kishi purposefully induced, but it certainly works as an effective palate cleanser.

    I Ioled, and this time not out of irreverence.
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  19. Maybe it isn't her literal hand grabbing Sasuke there. Or maybe she has never used a blade. /shrug

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