1. is she using gentle fist? damn.
  2. I bet she opens up the next chapter w/ a kaiten to deflect sasuke
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  3. that was still a dumb strategy against a byakugan user. there is no way that she does not see sasuke coming. he is nowhere near the blindspot
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  4. I think those were just hair needles like jiraiyas, one got sasukes arm. But I wouldn't put juuken, and other hyuuga techniques past her.. Unless you mean that technique she used at the end

    And her hair went past his susano'o... I wonder if she uses juuken through it
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  5. Nowhere near? That's a bit of an exaggeration. From what I remember, the blindspot is at the back of the head or neck and sasuke is shown above angled behind her in that general area.
    "Nowhere near", would be a frontal assault virtually in the opposite direction.
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  6. [IMG]
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  7. i might have exaggerated a bit...fine a lot. but i dont believe that sasuke knows of the byakugan blind spot and he seems to be aiming at where any typical shinobi would, he is coming from above to strike at her head or her neck. Due to his approach from above he would still be spotted.


    @uchihaeyez: i meant the technique she used at the end.
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  8. I guess this chapter (Kaguya tiny flash back) confirms it. Rikudou Sennin did fought his evil mother in the past.
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  9. Yeah, this confirmed what we all suspected, though I'm still wondering about whether Hagoromo's brother was involved with that. A flashback concerning him would be nice.

    With Kaguya's technique at the end, it looks like like there were several large fists made of chakra attacking Naruto, which he blocked with the orbs. Maybe a combination of Susanoo and juuken?

    Sasuke's comment about how Naruto and he are the only ones who can seal Kaguya seems like a confirmation that Hagoromo defeated her originally by sealing her. This is probably where the Sage's ninja tools from earlier will come back into play.

    It also seems that the Edo Hokages are on their way, but I wonder whether they will be able to do anything against Kaguya?
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  10. naruto just used chakra arms as well, the same as when he used in 9 tails chakra and bijuu mode.
    kaguya's looks like chakra manifested as fists, kinda similar to hinata's twin lion attack and the empty palm technique of gentle fist
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  11. I'm just curious if the blind spot is simply the result of an immature Byakugan vs a mature one.

    Also...it will be nice to see what a byakugan is actually capable of.

    I still find it funny that she is doing this with an eye technique that has pretty much been the red headed stepchild of the three eye techniques. Ironic?
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  12. It could be more of Naruto not giving her enough time to react to Sasuke. I think it was more of that then trying to find her blind spot. I don't think we are focused on those tactics just yet.

    And of course she will be able to react in some awesome way (I assume).
  13. Maybe problem with the Byakugan is that Kaguya (or Hamura) didn't pass its full secrets to the other generations. so the Huyga clan might just got the basics and nothing else.

    and for the byakugan as the " red headed stepchild" it is the original eye technique, but more of how Kishi treated all other clans in this manga and put them on the side.

    don't forget that she still have a RinnSharingn third eye that can see stuff super fast and push things away.
  14. Omg. I get it. She was the 10 tails Jinchuuriki. And the brothers sealed both her and the 10 tails into the moon and her essence survived in the each of the nine tailed beasts.

    That's my prediction anyway. And that's the only way her coming back makes sense. It would explain how Madara was manipulated by her will (through Gedo Mazo).
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  15. It says their yin and yang can seal her.. And shows hagaromo having the same sign on his hand like naruto..

    I wonder if the other side of that power was given by his brother when they originally sealed his mother..
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  16. I think so. When she got revived the first thing she thought when seeing Naruto and Sasuke is Hamura and Hagoromo.then she needed to check by seeing the seals.

    my guess Hamura helped Hagoromo sealing their mother, sealing the Juubi on the moon (we Hamura and Hagoromo fighting the 10 tailes (so this mean after deafeting their mother since she was the Juubi Jinchuuriki) then gave his brother his power in case their mother come back someday.
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  17. I mortals am kaguya am ruler am rule the earth

    Wonder how many people a couple years ago or even just a year ago would have guessed that the manga is going to end with a space alien elf as the final villain
  18. As retarded as it is, it is better than the "NARUTO - *coughs blood*- WE'RE NOT SO DIFFERENT - *cough*- YOU AND.... I"


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