1. Is hinduism alongisde buddhism present in japan? Yes this is relevant..
  2. From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_Japan

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  4. This has been covered before to ad nauseam. The manga from its very conception has been spliced within its storyline, with a broad array of elements from various mythologies and religious beliefs and/or customs, many etymologically or historically linked, and other distinct. Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Shintoism, etc.

    This is nothing new.
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  5. So Sasuke will be visited by Indra or the creator as well in his timeline.

    How come if the creator of peace and order ended up with this God damn war? So he's not a creator of peace after all.

    Found this naruto trailer it sucks but its quite funny as well.

  6. How does this whole reincarnation thing work? Wouldn't itachi be the most logical choice after madara considering that he was at a completely different level that sasuke?
  7. Not necessarily. It just means that Itachi was that amazing on his own, which really just makes him all that much more impressive.
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  8. Creating the means for peace does not magically make it self sustainable in perpetuity. Peace has to be engineered, priced and sold..actively handled......otherwise its meaningless.
    It requires work to achieve, it has no value by itself.
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  9. I actually liked this reveal.
  10. why is ashura a jinchuuriki if the sage separated the bijuu's and sent them away
  11. I wonder who the dude was who banged ootsutsuki kaguya for her to have sons, he must have had mad game
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  12. >implying she didn't rape
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  13. u mean which dude she had her way with and collected genetic material for egg fertilization? nobody talks about him. when she was done and got her two sons, she turned preying mantis and got rid of him as a sign that she's not to be fucked with.
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  14. he is virtually insignificant in this case because she is the one who ate the fruit and had chakra from it. for all we know he may well be a hobo she picked up from the street and had her way with
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  15. I was taken aback by how fugly the sage was lol How can Naruto not be frightened.

    That was actually excellently done.:D

    And, I agree with Cane9lives but have a different opinion. Hagoromo never achieved peace. Like this page suggests, he saw that peace would be attained by his son Ashura. And thats apparently still in motion. But besides that, I don't think Hagoromo had other plans.. And he was quite naive to think his gifted son would follow his brother knowing he never followed anyone.
  16. The thing about exceptional women is that there is always a man out there that can tame them. Even the wildest woman can be reduced to the most docile faithful housewife. All it takes is the right man to do it.
  17. These Otsutsuki people are not normal human. hell they look like the Grim reaper/Death Demon seal jutsu. just scary shit.

    the demon woman have horns already before she ate the fruit thingy and gave her son more power and crazy eyes, now why their lineage gone? or was Sage's mother a real demon.
  18. Well we have people in the Narutoverse will horns, face markings, extra arms and all sorts of stuff so who says she isn't human. Human doesn't really hold much in a world where people and can transform into giant monsters and blow fire out their eyes. Maybe humans back then had all sorts of appendages like horns.
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  19. well hagoromo did say that his mother came from another land to the continent where the shinobi now live. So maybe before chakra was introduced to that continent normal humans used to live there. and who knows, maybe there are other continents where people like kaguya still live
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  20. even so it is apparent that some genes lost going from ootsuki to hagoromo and his brother(at least what we can tell from faraway back shot pic). like horns mentioned above. So at least we can assume sage's father was someone from continent where shinobi lives now not from the faraway continent their mother came from. So Sage and his bro were half-breed in a way.


    I looked at the wiki entries for indra and asura; interesting details . Indra was god of rain and thunderstorms. Asura is the name of the lowest ranks of the deities or demigods of the Kāmadhātu. They are described as having three heads with three faces and four to six arms. So at the last page, ashura's chakra mode doesn't just have two faces probably three faces at total.

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