1. I'm with Leroy/Cane; it is Kabuto. Consider Kabuto doesn't have a chakra signature because he doesn't have an identity. Karin wouldn't possibly be able to sense his true form. But I do like the idea of the Sage coming back somehow... It'll happen eventually.

    Isn't it ironic how those items land on the only Ninja good at using The Sages items (Tenten).

    That's the only part of the chapter I did not like. That was pure silliness.
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  2. I agree (see above) about this fight dragging out. The arc as a whole? I can't say it's been too long for what is pretty much the entire Naruto universe fighting. Actually, I wish I had seen some of the other fights. Sasuke's part in this chapter was more of a lip service than a drag out or stall. The chapter was focused on Naruto, but he still had to logically pay heed to Sasuke, as those events were unfolding as well.

    Sakura never stopped the heart massage, no plot no jutsu needed. Black Zetsu's interception is, I think, a welcome twist to Madara simply showing up and taking it from the 4th. Kishimoto set us up for a pretty standard cliché and slightly subverted it, which is always welcome in my book.

    This is a fairly bold statement, and I can't think of any manga references that related to the quantity of the bijuu's chakra needed. Ultimately, as I recall, it was the process itself that killed the host with notable exceptions being the Sage (who lived) and the Uzumakis (or at least Kushina, who could delay death). As Naruto is also part Uzumaki, given an infusion of kyuubi chakra with its ability to either regenerate or at least internally mend the damage dealt from extraction could allow him to live.

    You're thinking about it in terms of straight power. Kishimoto's practically screaming that this will follow the trope of the hubris of the super powerful being Madara's downfall. Or, another way - Madara was already so powerful, no one was going to beat him. By granting him more power he's actually developed a blind spot. Kishimoto can also play it as the kyuubi chakra from Kinkaku and Ginkaku allow Naruto to re-establish his connection to the bijuu inside Madara, and steal them back.

    You've got some valid points, but I think you're overlooking a lot of things that Kishimoto has already set up.
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  3. LMAO Ice never ceases to amaze me.

    Good chapter. I actually liked the twist and is enjoying everything about the manga for the first time in years. Lets hope kishi keeps this up and atleast end the manga on a good note
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  4. Chapter wasn't bad...but like some said...it's been too much already.
    The new madara looks lame IMO...obito looked more bad ass...the power scale is sensless but with the relics , it's likely they'll make it possible to beat Madara , you know, too teach the kids a lesson.

    Naruto may as well die and come back like jesus with a power up (because that's the only way he can compete)... or...the little chakra they all gave him may be of some use....
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  5. That was a one huge fail from Minato...

    Otherwise, I hope Rikudou's tools will only serve to revive Naruto.
    Cause if they help in Madar's defeat, that'd be one the biggest Plot Indued Stupidity ever.

    Meanwhile, Tobirama is just laying there, chilling with no black rods in his back...XD
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  6. You've got some valid points, but I think you're overlooking a lot of things that Kishimoto has already set up.[/quote]

    While I do see where your coming from, in all honesty the current situation still doesn't sit right with me. I mean for one how could they get the chakra from kinkaku and ginkaku into Naruto in the first place? Will kinkaku and ginkaku simply give up the chakra? Even if they were sent back to the afterlife when Itachi undid Edo tensei, then it stands to reason that the nine tails chakra went with them. After all edo tensei uses corpses to replicate shinobi, meaning that in that case scenario all that's inside the pot and gourd are the corpses used for the summoning,

    Furthermore do you really think Madara will simply stand there and watch Minato and company put another source of kyubi energy into Naruto? What would stop Madara from claiming that chakra too and thus have all 3 sources of the kyubi's power in his grasp? Even if they tried to use a diversion like having Kakashi, Gaara, or someone else occupy Madara while they switched the chakra into Naruto, do you really think that would work, given how Madara has already foiled all their plans thus far? Who could even hope to occupy Madara long enough to give Minato time to perform the seal? Kakashi? Garra? As skilled and kage level as they may be, I just don't see them really being able to delay Madara, let alone fight him, I still say that some kind of plot no jutsu will be needed to even turn the tide a little bit.
  7. There are more than one zetsu at play here.

    Black zetsu grafted himself onto obito, shortly after the ten tails and its body(The gedo mazo) was extracted.
    That zetsu/obito Is away from the main battlefield. "Swirly zetsu" and its unknown occupant are currently fighting the remaining garrison of shinobi along with most of the kages, THAT is the zetsu believed to be the one using yamato.

    Ice...mate.....seriously......make a concentrated effort to actually pay attention.....for your sake as well as ours.....
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  8. We've seen entire bijuu ripped from their hosts in an instant. And we've seen that Naruto could transfer Kyuubi chakra to another person in an instant with just a touch. I don't see why a skilled shinobi like Minato or Sarutobi couldn't just rip the kyuubi chakra out of Kinkaku and Ginkaku and transfer it into Naruto. And it's not like the brothers would have any say in the matter as they are sealed and unable to fight back.

    Itachi undid the Edo Tensei before Obito started the process to awaken the Juubi yet Obito was still able to use the Kyuubi chakra in the tools to awaken the Juubi. So, either the brothers weren't sent back to the afterlife or they were and the Kyuubi chakra still stuck around in the tools.

    Why wouldn't Madara just stand there and let them revive Naruto? If he manages to get his left eye back and Yin Kurama as well, I could easily see him being arrogant enough to disregard the Kyuubi chakra from Ginkaku and Kinkaku. Madara was the one who casually threw away powerful weapons like the Rikudou's tools in the first place. And remember when Hashirama sent his wood clone to battle Madara? Madara just sat down and said he'd wait for the real Hashirama. Like most overpowered antagonists, arrogance is his biggest weakness.
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  9. So basically your argument is that Madara is so arrogant that he will simply sit and watch? Okay one question then? What do you think happens if your wrong? What if hypothetically just to be a dick about it, Madara decides to oppose them anyway? You know like Madara just says "hey sure that little bit of nine tails chakra can't stop me, but I'll mess up what you guys are doing anyway, cause I like that dumbass look you shinobi get when shit doesn't go your way". I mean we have just as much evidence that Madara is a jerk that we have that he's arrogant. So can you say for sure what he will and won't do? Last time Madara waited around Obito claimed the ten tails first in his place. You really think he would make the mistake of waiting around a second time? Especially when he should be focused on getting his infinite tsyukiomyi started.
  10. I think you just answered your own question:

    Madara's focused at the moment - he got the bijuu, he's going for his eye, and he'll probably start his plan next. If he was the type to squish out every little bug then he would have unsummoned Tobirama a while ago instead of leaving him there pinned to the ground.

    Also, unless he has Obito's sharingan I think technically Kakashi can just dimension warp them away - though I'm sure Madara has some sort of counter if it were to be used on him.
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  11. For starters I'm not sure what you mean by I just answered my own question. I basically asked what will happen if Madara decides to attack them immeaditely? If you don't have any theory just say so. Secondly Madara can't just unsummon Tobirama becuase Oorochimaru is the one who cast the edo tensei on the hokages, so he would have to undo it.
  12. Actually right now Madara can just erase Tobirama and the other zombie hokages if he want using Raikudo Sennin's power of creating and erasing (see what Obito did to Minato's arm or how he just erased jutsu using the sword)
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  13. I'm getting angrier by the chapter because of the cliffhanger drag. Though i didn't like how black zetsu stole kyuubi like that but it's a realistic move, a move we would expect from black zetsu. I agree with others who argue about madara's ridiculous power level and how he seems unbeatable. Like someone pointed out, solution might lie with the tree of life as it is the source of chakra. Though i can not imagine who it would be so. It really would be nice to see naruto and co defeat madara without deus ex machine plot no jutsu as mentioned above.
  14. Maybe Madara absorved Naruto with the Kyuub somehow...like,they are so linked a great deal of Naruto got absorved with it...so Naruto can sort of beat him from the inside out (kinda like he could talk to people and they could feel him with the kyuub's chakra)

    Maybe Naruto will show that special power that turns zetsus and mokutons into trees(with leaves and such)..that could be something special about him..
    maybe he will meet with the sage on the "firecamp"

    or maybe,the only thing that would make sense, they will all die.
    I wish kishi had drew madara a bit more bad ass, like dark and stuff..
    Shirtless madara was looking aweome..but now.

    OR...itachi did something. That I would believe.
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  15. well... Madara is getting super stupid in this chapter (throwing Raikudo's tools) so maybe he absorbed Naruto's low intelligence and stupidity as well. :p

    Speaking of Madara. why Obito got a fine Raikudo's chakra mace (or cane or whatever) while Madara got a broken one?
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  16. Read what I wrote. Madara IS busy getting his plans started. That's why he won't bother to specifically step on a few dying ants in his path, unless they try to fight him first I'd imagine.

    Are you also trying to say that Madara has no way of sealing the Edo Tensei to unsummons them (ignoring, as Rai pointed out, that he could just erase their existence entirely)?
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  17. As others pointed out, Madara didn't bother finishing off the trapped Tobirama or going over to end Hashirama even though he could now that he's Juubi jinchuuriki. And he casually dismissed the Rikudou's tools as useless and threw them away. I really don't see why he would bother with Kinkaku and Ginkaku's Kyuubi chakra. As Xandor pointed out, it's more likely that once he gets his left eye and the Yin Kurama, Madara will more likely get started on infinite tsyukiyomi, which may take some time. If Madara does decide to attack them, Kakashi could warp them away as Xandor suggested. Madara hasn't shown a way to access the Kamui dimension. Or several ninja like Sarutobi, Gai, Kakashi, or any of the others could sacrifice themselves to buy some time and it wouldn't have to be much. If entire bijuu could be ripped out of someone and then sealed in seconds, I doubt it would take long for someone like Minato to rip the Kyuubi chakra out of the tools and seal it into Naruto.
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  18. Actually dude I wasn't implying that Madara couldn't destroy Tobirama, we all have already seen what that yin and yang chakra did to Minato's arm. I said what I did because the post I was responding to had the word "unsummoning" in it, which Madara can't do literally speaking because he didn't summon him in the first place. Basically I was just saying that unsummoning and disintegrating are two different things (although both in the end accomplish the same goal of sending him back to the afterlife lol)
  19. Truth be told man I'm not really in disagreement with you. The point that I have been trying to make is that Kishi has overpowered Madara so much that I don't think any strategy that (we as readers) would assume to be effiicent, could really help stop him at this point. Just how we didn't see yin kurama being captured coming, I was merely suggesting that maybe next chapter will suprise us again in a similar manner in regards to the chakra in the tools. Basically I'm saying that with the way Madara has been presented, there doesn't seem to be a logical way to deal with him, hence my feeling of a massive incoming plot no jutsu.
    Yeah, just like it should take some time to seal all the bijuu's right? Let's be real, Madara will just clap his hands and the world will be his... The only chance now is Naruto to break him from whitin the illusion or something like that...you know,friendship no jutsu

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