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  2. Looks like that last stubborn bit of himself was enough to hold out against the Jyuubi. Guess we'll see how strong he is now after they dodge this next attack. Orochimaru should probably go summon some more edo kages, just in case...
  3. He may be more powerfull..but he was looking more badass before..
    talking about appeal ,not skills and speech of course...
    I wonder tho,what will he do,now that his mind is in the "right place" after putting the picture togheter?
  4. am i the only one who cant wait to see minato's technique, this is the second time he has been foiled:mad:
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  5. damn obuubi..".let minato do his technique for godsake":3:.
    and when i read the title.."finally"...i thought finally minato gave the rest of the kyuubi chakra to naruto..lol kishi wat??:troll

    so we can expect obuubis power show for a few chapters to come.
  6. Power level concerns rising.
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  7. Once again, I'm not not sure what the hell is going on. We see Obito being ripped apart (wtf) then suddenly hes like BOOM Im here.
  8. that would be obito's will/consciousness being ripped apart by the juubi, basically him losing control until he focused on rin and managed to get the control back at which point he emerged in his rikudo sennin-esque appearance in full control
    i find it interesting that obito/juubi is taking the appearance the rikudo sennin, must be residual effect left behind when the sennin was the jinchuuriki of the juubi
  9. Pretty cool chapter. Though im admit ive grown tired of Obitos plight.

    Butim curious what happened when he touched Naruto; it said some of his seals vanished or something?

    That ship has sailed when madara cast meteor and somebody caught it. Just saying lol
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  10. i think you are misreading that situation. IMO i think that minato made the remark about his hiraishin mark on obito which he placed when they struggled during the nine tails invasion, which he used to get close to obito and slash him later. In this case he was thinking of using hiraishin to get close to obito and save sasuke and naruto but he couldnt do that so he opted to use chakra hands
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  11. I want obito to win, I mean he's a representative of most people in society who catch the oneitus with a girl they never had a chance with, plus he lives in such a shit world. The guy deserves a reprieve.
    He even told himself the lie that "oh when I get older I won't even have time to think about women." When in fact thats all he does as an adult! The poor bastard!
  12. i thought it was naruto that used the chakra hands to connect him and sasuke to minato? the hands looked like they were coming from naruto's body.
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  13. my bad, you are absolutely right
    minato wasnt able to get close to obito because the seal had disappeared, naruto used his quick thinking to connect himself to minato and sasuke. Minato can use hiraishin as long as he is touching others, so he was able to teleport the three of them away from obito
  14. The sage incarnate.......or mostly incarnate. I Like the design of this new form, and i'm going to assume that the khakkara that just materialized into his hand is just more of that black morphological goo he's been using as lancing weapons. Good chapter all around.
  15. How is Mangastream version not out yet? There's no Bleach or One Piece this week.
  16. Obito looks retarded. I did feel a little bad for him when inside the Jyuubi he was showing being torn apart and him losing Kakashi, Minato and Rin but he managed to pull himself back together at the end.
  17. Use hand seals + suck in incomplete jyuubi chakra = become jyuubi jinchuuriki
    Go emo = Master the jyuubi chakra

    I hate that I picked up and followed this manga for years because I can't just drop it now that it's so lose to the end, but if I could I would smh.
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  18. Obito is now the ultimate being in the Naruto verse, damn he even pulled a fast one on the yellow flash when he was teleporting, geeez!

    Was that Naruto who teleported at the beginning, and then Minanto was saying he's keeping up with Sasuke?
  19. Nope , he deduced that if he makes a chakra connection to his dad [via kyubi chakra arms in this instance], his dad could use hirashin on all of them so he connected himself and sasuke to his dad using chakra arms
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  20. You and me both. Every week I'm like "What am I reading..."
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