1. Just read narutowiki then. It shld give you the highlights.

    Anyway I feel rather sad that the manga has ended. There will be this feeling of something missing every week now. :/

    Is there going to be a manga on their kids? Someone above said there might be?
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  3. Know I'm late on this nostalgia train (hellish week...) but I'm pretty happy with the ending overall...

    Griveneces first...I'm upset that two of my favorite members of the Genin 9 got kinda hosed...and of course I will always be upset that NEJI is somehow the one out of all of them that doesn't survive the war. The guy who can see in all directions at once, and was basically the Hyuugas Itachi...yeah. Sure. WHATEVER.

    Pairings are half expected, half whatever. Ino deserved better then Sai...Sai deserved nothing, and I've never been a fan of Hinata but whatever.

    I hadn't really been enjoying this series since...Naruto used the power of friendship to save Obito...that was kinda it for me and I just stopped caring regardless of how things turned out. Honestly felt the series descended into the depths of post-timeskip nothing that happens makes sense and it's clear stuff is just happening to happen (but at least there was an outline with all the loose ends being tied together)...

    Still nothing from Oro and Kabuto. I don't get how Orochimaru just kinda slinks back in the shadow, now that every threat that was more powerful/smarter then him is dealt with...but...idk.

    All that...and still reading the last two chapters last week, was still pretty cool. Like, I started watching in 2003, and Naruto was my first week in week out manga. I will always stand beside pre-timeskip Naruto as one of the best Shouens, and the Sound 4 arc will always be my favorite up to the Naruto Sasuke fight (and even that fight animated made up for the horrible manga version...). There were a lot of great characters and moments during this mangas lifespan. Despite me really loathing/not caring for it for maybe a third of it's life...two thirds of a good to great thing is still a great thing.

    Even though it was obvious, I was still really happy seeing Naruto's face carved into the mountain. And I guess, at the core of all of it...somehow through all the Sasuke BS...the series found a way to course correct and end with the dream of the one ninja that had such a different Shouen upbringing from the typical protagainst, an upbringing and mystery (when it started out) about a character that basically set Naruto up to be the Western Worlds Dragonball successor.

    Despite it all, Naruto is the series that exploded manga and anime into a more mainstream world...and it did do that by making a main character that despite all his annoyances...and his refusal to act like a real ninja and end real proper threats...and somehow could talk even the most devote enemy into becoming a good guy...we still all kinda did root for Naruto....or at least I did.

    So one last late, long winded salute post. Hated the last half of the war. Thought he could've gone a better direction. Pretty obvious how stuff would end (though Kishi DID shock me at the end of 698. Grats on that chapter ending...) and despite it being obvious, still enjoyable. Still nostalgic and a little sad that it's over...even though I've wanted it to end for the past 90 chapters....

    Good ending to a solid series. And if I didn't roll my eyes at least once...it wouldn't have been Naruto.
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  4. sasuke taps sakura on the forehead and says "next time," much like Itachi did to him
  5. ^ And that's how he impregnated her.
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  6. He can't even be bothered to spellcheck, I doubt he has the patience.
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  7. Why isn't there a dislike button implemented on tal yet?
  8. Man what an ending. I am going to miss you guys. I've been on this board since 2006. Naruto is the only manga I ever read or cared about. And to think I've been watching and reading since I was 19.. ( now 30). I feel like a part of my life has just ended lol.

    I like how Naruto is with Hinata, he deserved it. She's much better than Sakura lol.
  9. We do have a section on recommended mangas, if you'd like to try something new and stay with us...
  10. It is supposed to be his child with Ten Ten but it is not confirmed as of yet.
    Oro, Karin and Kabuto got shafted...
  11. My weekly manga reading seems a little more empty. I don't want to know this feel.
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  12. ive taken to watching foreign films to fill the chasm

    check ilpostino, city of god, and special forces

    all on netflix
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  14. Just now reading this and ahh the feels.. I've always been a bigger fan as most know of the anime over the manga (yet I love comics more go figure and I still have the sub and dub to look forward to finishing) but I've been steadily reading over the last few years and this one was tough but really appreciated as a fan.

    Job well done and I'm happy I was able to be a part of it all. Another great life experience. Time well spent. Masterfully done Manga Chapters worthy of my time and my upmost respect to Masashi Kishimoto. Thank you.

    .... NEXT ?

    I threw in my two fc banners in my sig from the old naruto forum I did yearrss ago as my way of saying ty.
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