1. http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/699
    And here is 700

    well farewell chaps
    Oda giving props, naruto elements at play


    The cover of Naruto has the Straw Hat Pirates' Jolly Roger on the graffiti of Naruto's monument, and Oda added a bunch of Naruto elements to his cover.

    In the author's comment section of the magazine, Oda congratulates Kishimoto on completing Naruto and thanks him for being his friend and rival.
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  2. For 699, I would've liked it if the chapter was longer and the events were expanded on. Like Kakashi is just suddenly 6th Hokage with no scene of why Tsunade is stepping down or something. Everyone was freed from IT, but we don't really get their reactions. I mean, they actually did have their ideal dream world in IT, yet there's no comments on how they took losing that world and readjusting to reality. Sasuke was pardoned as we expected, yet we don't get anything on how people took that. And so on, etc. This chapter just gave an overview of what happened, but I wanted to see things in depth. It's like getting a summary when you wanted a full story.
  3. skycrapers above konoha! laptops! cellphones! i guess the ninja hidden in the leaves is now the village hidden in the industrial revolution!

    also loved that we saw asuma's son, he looks like uchiha kagami
  4. All well and tied nicely. I met naruto through its Anime ,after first fillers introduced I switched to manga and then ... oh boy. Thanks to all , previous forum included of course, for all those discussions on naruto-verse. my best regards. Let's see if another long-breath series pops up and captivates our attention and love.
  5. Chapter was okay... I'm not going to say shit about it. The ending has been a long time coming. Whatever, I can close this book in my life.
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  6. LAPTOPS!!!!!!

    I feel like a good 15-20 years passed, I mean these guys are all well established now. Jounin Konohamaru, Asuma's son is at least a Chuunin. Kages live a lot longer when they aren't killing each other.
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  7. Everyone got their happy ending it looks like. I don't recall seeing the other Hyuugas though - I'd figure Hanabi would have made something of herself. Did I just miss it?
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  8. I didn't see Hanabi. She gets kidnapped in the Last movie, so maybe something bad happens to her in the movie? She could die in the movie for all we know.
  9. Damn that one page where Hinata is visiting Neji's grave with her daughter.. And the whiskers. ;_;
  10. It was ok, if not a bit too short..it was nice seeing them different.
    I feel a little bad for Akamaru tho ;/

    Sasuke noticed something,so there's likely some new evil around.
    I'm sure she is fine being the head of the hyuuga family...kishi just didnt care because she is not amoung the rookie 9.

    Hinata seems to be more like a loving mother with her kid than a clan leader anyway.

    I like the way Kiba looks.

    Shino looks like an X-men

    Lee got to hit some...tho we don't know who.

    Makes sense for a black woman to go with the guy who can grow his body parts lol
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  11. HE'S FORGIVEN GUYS! :3: I'm so happy~~ Peace and Love #MylittleNinjas

    Sample text. Roll Credits.

  12. BTW guys, Chouchou is Konoha's first native black ninja (student).
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  13. ......Why is anko fat?
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  14. Kinda wish the chapters had been abit longer, but i'm pretty happy with this ending.
  15. Was Kabuto still alive? Would have liked to see if he reformed after the war or imprisoned, ect. Great way to wrap things up.

    I started reading post time skip after the anime started on CN. I remember donating to the mania forums before TAL lol. It's been a good run!!
  16. Women get fat sometimes
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  17. That was good.
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  18. Lol @ kharis question. My thoughts as well. Bitch be snackin' obviously..

    But the real question is what dafuq @ Sasuke's daughter? He straight up three way with Sakura and Karin and they fusion-prego-jutsu or what? Lol

    Liked bolt. He's gonna be a little badass. Too bad he wasn't born with the byakugan though. I'm sure we'll see some mini-series about him at some point.

    Overall I'm satisfied. And it does look like Sasuke never accepted that hand. Likely his way of repenting for his sins. He learned to wield his Chokuto in his right hand it looks like though, and I'm curious who he saw in the woods..
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