1. totally called this 3 chapters ago.

    and i appreciate both sakura's effort, and sasuke's lack of care, and his susano'o evolving into a tengu

    how convenient kakashi loses the only thing capable of combating a sharingan genjutsu right before the strongest one ever is implemented

    and sasuke has a moon on his hand..

    and that same eye madara has on his forehead, i bet they compete for control of the eternal dream, and this is where we see what sasuke's true goal is.
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  2. a couple of things about the chapter
    sasuke's susanoo now resembles indra's and it now have wings like madara's, damn cool
    was it always gonna be that easy to cast infinite tskuyomi? just get as near to the moon as possible and a third eye will emerge? i would have hitched a ride on oonoki's back a long time ago. I guess absorbing the tree meant he didnt have to wait for the tree to do all the work.
    i know this has been said before but kudos to whoever wrote all this shit down on the stone tablet. That thing knows it all, it probably knows where the holy grail is, what happened to amelia earhart, the secrets of the cosmos etc.
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  3. Madara keeps upping the ante. I guess the fight is going to go on until he runs of out tricks, at which point he'll die. *yawn*

    I would like to see his grand gestures and techniques be worth something more than obstacles.
  4. All of the forms of the Final Susano'o's displayed so far. Is Madara's similiar to Sasuke's? They both seem similiar in the regard that the user rests on a pentagram type shape on the head of a tengu formed susano'o, but sasuke's form seems to have larger wings than madara's




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  5. [IMG]

    This page tells me that everyone is going to become entrapped by the roots of the stump that was left when naruto severed the tree. the roots will probably erupt from everywhere and enslave everyone.

    but soon it looks like a new chakra fruit will emerge and give someone the power of kaguya
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  6. Obito/Black Zetsu has the double mangekyou!!(sorry to triple post)

    i also called this 2 chapters ago

    The Black side possesed the rinnegan eye, and now it posses a mangekyou, the one he gave to kakashi. The eye he's had this whole time, is behind the closed eye lid of obito.
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  7. Naruto will likely be able to resist the genjutsu,due to the bijuus inside him...
    And Sasuke due to his rinnegan...

    Sakura has balls,wish she had then when Obito asked her to stab his eyes.
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  8. if theres one thing that pisses me off about this chapter, its that that black staff didnt paralyze sakura. she threw a pumch. and then regenerated a hole in her body while being impaled. Naruto, Jiraiya, Hashirama, and Tobirama have all become paralyzed and have been unable to mold or use chakra at all once it impales them and interrupts their chakra.
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  9. [IMG]

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  10. So Sakura was finally useful for something?
  11. I bet Naruto and Sasuke will be able to resist the genjutsu due to their new abilities. Though I suspect Naruto will probably end up breaking it from the inside with friendship no jutsu and willpower or something.

    I get the suspicion that when the new chakra fruit finally appears, that Naruto will probably end up beating Madara to it and eating it to gain Kaguya's power.
  12. Sasuke will eat the fruit. Becomes the final boss.
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  14. This chapter summed up in one picture


  15. I don't think it's necessarily fair to say no shit to that. Besides that small little one shot frame I posted, kishi has never told us what the eternal tsukuyomi looks like. It's nothing like the first one that's all mental. This is physical enslavement as well, and what I called was that the stump of the tree was severed and left there conveniently after madara absorbed the tree allowing roots to grow everywhere and enslave people, and allow a new fruit to grow, which some people didn't notice since they thought madara absorbed the tree whole

    And w/ obitos eye it took me a second to notice the mangekyo was the other eye, it wasn't brought up at all in the chapter so I wanted to bring it to everyone's attention, i think "no shit," is a bit unnecessary, even if you did get that right off the bat, some didn't.
  16. Kakashi: teamwork! just like the time with the bells
    Sakura: I got this all by myself...
  17. Not at all, she was attacking to be a distraction since she can heal from almost anything like an Edo Tensei... except decapitation which is what Madara should have just done. The bell training would have gone a lot better if they'd worked together with distractions and flanking and whatnot so its not like she was being completely ignorant of Kakashi's point.

    Of course, Sakura's distraction fucking sucked. Like hard. Its like every time Kishimoto shows her doing something she has to be saved by someone the very next page--same shit as when she first used the forehead mark against that mini-Juubi.
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  18. I would agree that her distraction was a bust. She would've a better chance by flashing her bust instead.
  19. Wait - was Sakura useful? Nope. It's like Kishi isn't even trying.

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