1. "That an absolute rule " = a rule that's about to be absolutely broken
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  2. There are no rules in Naruto, only swag.
  3. wow....pretty good...
  4. i was about to post a new thread. :) i just launched all the swear word combinations at kishi. he could have made this last page and added it to the last week's chapter. talk about dragging lol
  5. They're still not feeling hopeless enough. Madara's original appearance did a better job there. I guess I just missed it, when did a tobi resurface?
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  6. Indeed.. nothing happened this chapter. zzzz
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  7. aand on the second go for reading, just realized no naruto next week. triple dragging ... i quadroupled combinations:mad:
  8. So Madara equates killing someone to taking a shit. Sure why not. Well they are dead. Nothing to see here. Manga Series Over. Move on people to my little fcking pony or whatever is next in line.

    ...well any guesses as to how they will both survive especially Naruto? Someone better pull a major transcendence/evolution out their ass.
  9. where in the fuck did spiral zetsu come out from?
    another thing, how is hashirama's mokuton buddha able to use elemental jutsus?
    hiruzen proving again to be a badass by using 5 elements
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  10. "sighs" and so the Madara bs drags on still. Also where did spiral zetsu crawl out from? and he can use by the looks of it full powered mokuton complete with all 5 elements? wow... just wow... Kishi really made an error dragging this arc out this long,,,,,
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  12. i was betting gaara giving his life for naruto via life transfer jutsu of chiyo and sasuke using izanagi but oh well....
  13. Naruto and Sasuke's spirits will leave their bodies, entwine with one another and give birth to Naruke, the rebirth of the so6p himself and all will be well ... seems so obvious now.

    Seriously though, that line about it being set in stone that he'll die was akin to the horror film line of "I think it's dead", right before it bolts up and decapitates the poor fool. I did like that Naruto was surrounded by those that care for him and Sasuke was alone and isolated from the others even if we know both of them will find a way to survive.
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  14. Seriously... dragging story when you're in the finals stages of this arc? COME ON Kishi.

    I almost didn't want to finish it. Because if I skip this week's I would still be okay.

    So I'm guessing Tobi = Black Zetsu who beat up Kakashi and Minato off stage.
  15. LMFAO!!! I did not see this coming. Also why is Obito out and about and kicking ass. Did I miss something?
  16. i think everyone is mistaking the spiral zetsu with obito, we never saw this zetsu after obito first met nagato
    i think obito is struggling with black zetsu and minato and kakashi are still there. Also i think that gaara is headed towards them maybe because Kurama told gaara that sealing his other half into naruto will save him
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  17. People seem to forget how obito became so powerful in the first place.

    If you remember, he first encountered two zetsus. One was the black zetsu and the other had the spiral mask.

    The zetsu with the spiral mask linked with obito's body, kinda like Guyver bio booster armor.

    So now that Obito is pretty much gone, the zetsu that took over his body is free to roam. And remember these zetsu's have the cells of hashirama.
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  18. Nobody is forgetting, he only wore the spiral zetsu as an armour until his own body was strong enough to handle the fights he would be placed under. From the moment that tobi was introduced it was obito with the zetsu half grafted on and spiral zetsu was no longer attached to him. Thats why everyone is shocked to see him after so long, the last time he was seen was being with Obito when he confronted Nagato
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