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    This show is amazing, I had to make a thread. I heard about this show not too long ago. I seen ep 2 when I was at the barber a couple weeks back and thought I'd give it a try. I watched a documentary about this guy a while back but this show does this mans life a bit more justice on how he pretty much became a billionaire.
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  2. This TV series is a ”must see” for all the fans of gangster movies, noir genre films, TV series or based on reality.
    @San: Pablo Escobar was billionaire with a net worth of around 24 billion dollars. If you have seen the whole series you will see the real problems he had by having so much money.
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  3. Although he's done a lot of evil things and is rotting in hell you have to acknowledge the fact that he was a freaking genius. If there was an IQ scaling for gangsters/cartels this guy would be Einstein level.

    @Ion, $24B? Cotdamn......that sounds about right. I wonder what that would be worth today cause that was in the late 80's and early 90's.

    I'm still not finished I have a couple more eps to go. I will say this in the first couple of episodes the level of epicness in this series is that of all seasons of The Wire, Supronos, Breaking Bad and Board Walk Empire combined.
  4. Real life is a lot weirder, stranger, crazier that fiction in realm of drug dealers. Watch the documentary How to make millions from selling drugs, then search on Google Colombian drug war, Mexican drug war, Chapo Guzman, Zetas, Gulf cartel, Cali cartel. It will be nightmare inducing and add it on the list of NSA, FBI, GCHQ.
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    Season 3 is out, just watched the 1st episode and I was pleased. I'm looking forward to seeing how things will turn out. smh @ Pacho

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