1. I guess I have been out of the loop on TV's lately but something happened today that blew me away.

    I bought a 59in Samsung plasma back in Nov 2011 and it or was a damn good tv from color, black, ratio to aesthetically looking nice. Flat and thin like Eddie's mom.

    It started this clicking noise one day and no picture and cycling on/off. So I call Samsung and yeah I am out of warranty at this point but still..noone can come fix it? Apparently not even in a city with a pop. of around 155k. So either I learn to become a tv repairman or my nice expensive tv goes into the junkyard. Actually I'll take it apart for parts for my 2 other samsung's (doh).

    I guess I have to start assuming I'll need a new tv every 5years or so. I mean how the hell am I supposed to transport a big ass 4k tv if I buy one to get it fixed in my jeep if noone will come to my house >.> These are tv's not freakin cell phones. Hell I don't even know how I'll transport this thing to the junkyard. This tv I took some time to pay it off cause I was building 2 new pc's and needed cash for parts, etc.

    I suppose once the warranty ends you better hope you have a good model especially if it very large or have to sell it to some tv repairman to come take it off your hands for parts. Taking a big tv for a ride in a car even if you think it is stabilized is not recommended.

    Guess it is time to do some heavy research on a 4k tv and how dependable, long lasting they are cause that will be my next move.
  2. #1. Should have bought a Sony
    #2. Should have bought a LCD
    #3. TV prices now are so ridiculously cheap that you could replace it with a bigger, thinner, better model on the cheap cheap cheap

    I bought a Std Def 32" tube Sony in 2001 for $900...damn thing weighed about 140 lbs.....gave it away

    bought a 720p 40" Sony LCD in 2007 for $1400 with DIGITAL tuner included inside!!!!....weighed 40 lbs....gave it away

    bought 2 -- 1080p 55" Sony LED in 2015/2016 for $800 first, $550 second (if you can find them...they are about $300 now)...TOGETHER they weigh about 25 lbs...and picture quality/speed/contrast etc is about 10x my 7 year old set

    ....don't get me started on computers during that time
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  3. Well I did do my share of research before I bought it and I have had it since late 2011 so it is not a total bust. I have 3 other samsungs with no issues but they are not plasma's. This particular model wasn't known to have any severe issues in fact it was built to solve several longstanding plasma issues.

    I had to go with what I wanted spec wise vs cost vs form of payment and where I bought it from so Sony wasn't in the books for me then. I still should of had another 2 years out of the damn thing. My next purchase will be a 4k though and I'll just work on this set with my brother over a period of time. Bigger? Maybe..not too much more room in that room. Thinner? Yes but this tv is like razor freaking thin already and thus lightweight.

    I don't know shit about 4k's really so I need to edumucate myself.
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