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  1. There is a good saying, Unique ideas and factors bring success and happiness, but on the other hand, taking someone Else's ideas brings failure.

    Let me specify the main reasons why this community has a low chance of success, and trust me i don't want to be arrogant or anything, it is the reality people from other boards see it.

    1. This site is based with a false "Goal" which was supposed to bring people from NM to here as a shelter , which wont happen.
    2. People don't want to start over, where everything is the same as in another dupe board.
    3. The features and the skins are too similar. Nothing to explore at all
    4. No WOW factor !
    5. Why join when nothing is new?

    Things that can be done to increase activity.

    1. Offer something unique!
    2. Use a Unique Skin
    3. Add Goodies for the members to benefit from.
    4. Spend some $$ to improve the Advertisement.
    5. Make this board unmatchable to the others.
    6. Change the whole Anime system into something more RPG like and make it fun!
    7. Award the members with unique ranks to make them feel proud to be part of this community. After all that's the main goal of a board!

    I could go on , with all the ideas on how you could improve the whole site. The problem lies within the staff, you have to agree that im right, and that false allegations go against you at places like NM etc... If you start over with a domain, Rebuild the whole forum system you have here, Spend more time than necessary to bring those changes up and running! The resources are unlimited, nothing to hold any of you down. You can divide specific jobs to several staff's and accomplish the upcoming goal. Advertising is just a matter of funds and marketers.

    Think about it, after having many boards my self, i realized the main factors that bring success. As i see it now, 2-3 month's and this board will completely resemble NM which is stupid?
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  2. There is a good saying that things are often harder than they look.

    1) The purpose WAS (notice the tense) to give shelter for NM members when it went down for a few days, but the goal has since changed.
    2) Starting over helps involves creating something from nothing. Because we were built (initially) to resemble NM, we are now slowly drifting away. If we do everything at once, chaos will ensue.
    3) Limited features are limited features. The skin looks how it does because it was put together quickly to have a decent skin to look at. If you can't tell, more skins are on the way to broaden that aspect of the board.
    4) When we come up with the WOW factor, we'll let everyone know. Our goal is to create a base first. When they went to the moon, they didn't start with a rocket. It started with the Wright brothers.

    My goal is to be cost efficient. I don't want a bill hanging over my head that requires absurd donations every month. I'm sure members don't want that either. Unmatchable would be nice, but it's not within our reach.

    And about the comment about the staff and NM...

    We are in no way competing, playing a loyalty game, bad mouthing, or conducting any other type of negative activity towards NM. We are not forcing people to stop their use of NM nor are we forcing people to join here.

    To criticize a board that has been up for a total of 8 days (after reviving it from a 6 month dormancy) is rediculous. Miracles don't happen overnight. Our resources -aren't- unlimited. Right now, we're doing the best we can with what we have. If you have no interest in helping us shape the community (telling us to add unique things without examples isn't exactly what I'd call helping) there's no reason to be arrogant about it (clearly you're being arrogant even though you say you're not. Read the last two paragraphs to youself and tell yourself you're not being arrogant.)

    And another note: after having many boards yourself? That makes it sound like none of them worked. Why would someone that says that even think he sounds credible?

    I really don't feel like saying anything else so I'm just going to stop.
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  3. Stop for a second and think that maybe quality > quantity of users? We need to create a community and not just see how fast we can get random people here. Or I fucking hope that's the goal.

    Sure, the admins could go to google and pay a lot of money for engine exposure to the lowest common denominator on the internet. However, we could instead gradually integrate new services into TAL as we are already beginning to do. This can, months down the road, lead to webcasts, MADs and AMVs on Youtube for exposure, maybe a manga scantilation group, and so forth. Not to mention the blog we wish to have on the new popular shows.

    From there then maybe some marketing could help to bring people to something very large and even more special. But I personally am here for the community and not to pull out my penis and jerk off to the member count.

    I don't believe that your suggestions are flawed in any way, I just beleive that most here have a different intent. As such I quote this:

    Are you creating products or communities?[/B]
  4. Let me start here, as there are already countless things wrong with the points you are trying to make.

    You aren't being specific at all, on the contrary, its as if you are being vague for the reason that you have no clue on what you are talking about. You are taking blind shots hoping to hit something.

    1. That is not our goal.
    2. Speak for yourself, and don't generalize everybody in your opinion. (Besides, the 100+ members so far contradict that).
    3. Which features? Would you like the skin to be rainbow colors with a dog in the bg? just so it can be different and you can explore it more?
    4. And what would be a WOW factor? A dog in the BG?
    5. Plenty of things are new. Either you didn't take the time to check them out, or again, you are just blindly spouting out bullshit.

    Instead of listing an unproductive (inaccurate also) list of things YOU would change, explain HOW you would change them. It is very easy to say something is broken, but it isn't easy to say how to fix it.

    Our goal is to have friendly community and a place for discussion. This site is a hobby to some on the staff, and a place to visit for free time for some of the members. The forum may remind you of NM, or NF, or any other anime forum. This is because it-is-based-on-anime, and those other forums-are-based-on-anime. See the familiarity now?

    Sorry that the skin looks familiar. Next time, ill put a dog in the BG. Several things are new with this forum, such as the implementation of a anime blog. And there are several things new that are going to be implemented in the future. The basic concept of the forum, while not exactly new, isn't seen as much. While other forums focus on a specific anime or two, this forum is more general. And you can see that in the sections as well.

    Which brings me to another point. Several sections are a new concept you don't see in every forum.

    1. As in?
    2. With a dog in the background rite? thats unique.
    3. Just shows how you don't even bother to read the admin's posts and see what features are going to be implemented in the future.
    4. Want to donate for the cause?
    5. How? again, it is easy to say something vague like that, but when it comes to ideas, you don't have any.
    6. Let me guess, you are a RPfaG?
    7. No, that isn't the main goal of the board. From what you said before, our goal was to shelter NM members.

    You call that useless list of redundant failed points ideas?

    You are so right!!!! Lets make you a staff member so you could teach us how to run a forum! There is no problem as of yet. The staff we have is composed of respectable members and people who know what they are doing. And none of us have to agree with you, and you are actually very wrong.

    Also, it is easy to talk when it isn't YOUR time being spent. This isn't our job.

    Having many boards? Let me guess, they all died when you implemented these so called ideas you posted here. Oh, and i wouldn't quit your job to be a psychic.

    Now, that i responded to your post on the same level of ignorance with full sarcasm, let me post on a more serious note.

    This forum just started a few days ago. It will take a much longer time for things to get settled and for everything to get organized. Your whole comment was more or less a post on how you know best, and that this forum is just a dupe NM. You didn't even post any helpful suggestions on what you would improve or how. Even at that, your post is based on several false "facts".

    I am sorry if this post sounds a little tough, but it pisses me off when people come out of nowhere, don't even take the time to educate themselves on what they are commenting on, and think they know best.

    and trust me i don't want to be arrogant or anything,..
  5. K the OP clearly just got caught up in the moment and wanted to sound like he knew what he was talking about.

    Just let him be and don't blow things out of proportion.

    All he wanted to say really was to Smod Duomaxwe!!.
  6. This dude has 3 posts. whats with the hardcore response
  7. I wonder what you mean by this.

    I have actually brought this up with the admins. Just chill and have some patience to get your Smodship. You seem like a pretty solid God.

    Because we're HARDCORE like that. We all post while doing our SQUATZ!! We're in the moment! We sound like we're constipated! FUUUUUUUU one more rep... just one more rep!

    Wow Hii-chan, don't think I have ever seen you so worked up. Tsundere go serious business sometimes.

  8. I'd lol to death if this is the reason for the OP
  9. Post didn't mean to sound that mean.

    It was just to point out that before judging a book by its cover (so cliche), the OP should dig a little more and would see that about 90% of his post is invalid.
  10. No need to get angry here, i thought free speech was welcome here.
    On top of that King your responses, especially the Dog one, just proved me that you have no knowledge what so ever about bulletin and it skins. You don't change a skin with the header, the whole SKIN has to be remade.

    But seriously speaking, why am i being flamed here. I just posted what ever was on my mind. To put it simply, i gave out ideas and thoughts of other people. If your really that mature, than please watch your responses towards me. And don't forget to delete the spam posts made by the members.
  11. Free speech is more than welcome here. And both of us exercised that.
    vb skins, no matter what you want to do, limit your capabilities of editing. The new skin isn't just a new header, it is a complete customization of the skin. The dog comment, as i have stated, was sarcastic.

    no one is flaming you. I posted what i thought about the OP. You don't need to tell me what to do, and what to delete or not. That just furthers my points made in the original response.
  12. ^ You're not being flamed, but sometimes the owners of a website don't like it when a total unknown comes in out of nowhere claiming to be "making suggests", in a way it makes you seem like you're talking as though you own the place.

    At least that's my interpretation of how you acted, of course you'll deny that but as I said it's just how I interpreted it.
  13. Bah, most of his post has no basis to stand on, what so ever. I can't even take it seriously enough to respond to it..

    L, come back in about 4 months so I can lol at you for being ignorant.

  14. The reason you were "flamed" by me was because you brought NM into it. If you knew anything we're already starting to break the NM similarities. Using NM as a foundation for an argument (a negative one, at that) is taboo here (in my eyes, at least). If you post a negative sounding thread, expect negative sounding responses.

    Also, free speech is welcome, hence me not locking the thread after I responded. Free speech doesn't exclude angry remarks. If you can't take it, don't dish it out.
  15. whats wrong with copying NM anyway. NM was obviously more successful than whatever piece of shit forum you ran lol
  16. this is probably reiterating what some of the members have already stated here, but here goes:

    sometimes it is unwise to make judgments based on past experiences. just because something failed in the past does not insinuate that it will become a failure again. we already have multitude of different plans that are being discussed.

    also, one shouldn't make assumptions about the "future downfall" of this forum just yet. this forum was barely created in a matter of weeks. in just that amount of time, i, for one, am amazed at the results we have yielded so far. the fact that we even have a skin that looks appealing from something put together 'quickly' is pretty darn good. even though this forum is not big, we still have a lot of active members.

    criticism is welcome, though we may sound a bit offended and respond harshly to some of your viewpoints, in a way, we are just defending something that we put a lot meaningful time and dedication to.

    overall, some of us just have different views on how forum success should be. a majority of us cherish the community setting and closeness among members. i personally don't care about extravagant features and appearance. animelounge has definite plans on improvement in the future. though, pessimistic views about this forum isn't going to help improve it.
  17. Outside of the forum being just over a week old and growing, I would be worried if it looked like NM as well, but like many people before me have stated, this board was originally meant to be a replacement/place to go if NM completely closed down. Since we've found out that it hasn't, we decided to take this place in a different direction, so, if you decide to come back in a couple months, i'm sure you'll find this place quite a bit different then it is now.
  18. I read you're post, and I didn't agree with it. Hiiragi expressed the current situation just as well as I would have. I felt no need to go into it any further.

    You are assumming alot, far too early. As I've said - come back in a few months, you may be surprised.
  19. I don't know what the admins want, but I see nothing wrong with a small-medium tight-knit community. Success should not be determined by numbers but by enjoyment
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