1. it looks like chris is about to rape the hulk. that is the best video ever.
  2. Deadpool is going to be in it! I think I see his silhouette.
  3. Yeah there are two silhouette pictures that capcom released for the announcement and in both pics I'm almost certain one of the hidden characters is Deadpool. Along with Super-Skrull, Veiwtiful Joe, and Dante....this game is going to kick so much ass
  4. I wants now. :want: I hope everyone from the second one are still in it.
  5. I was happy then I saw Street Fighter 4 engine. Please don't make it so.
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  6. Randomly gathered info:

    • It's not using the SFIV engine or the TvC engine. It's using MT Framework, which is used is pretty much every other next gen game by Capcom (Resident Evil 5, Lost Planet, Dead Rising, etc). The engine is also used for Wii games, but not sure if they'd port it.
    • Most sources say it's 3vs3. 1up says that Ryota Niitsuma (the producer) says that they're undecided on 2vs2 or 3vs3, and that the gameplay will be a mix of TvC and MvC2
    • Niitsuma says they've been working on this since summer 2008. They first announced TvC at May 2008. Makes you curious about how much they were holding back in TvC.
    • About 30 characters. Fair amount. Seth said there'll be a lot of new characters too. I hope a lot of the older characters don't play the same either.
    • Trying to get an actual plot in the game.
    • "The goal is to get 100 pieces of music in the game, that includes old favorites, new tracks and remixes. The 'Take You For A Ride' song won't be returning, at least, it's not planned right now."
      • In during months and months of slowly revealing characters and gameplay.
  7. This truly is the best 4/20 ever!
  8. I read on ign that capcom isn't going to use any of the old songs. And is it only me or does the end of the trailer show Ryu doing his shinku hadoken in in-game graphics. looks similar to TvsC if you ask me.
  9. Wolverine and Morrigan confirmed (as if Wolverine wouldn't be in anything Marvel), I'm sold. Hooray for sub-tier characters!

    I think part of the "charm" of the last one (unless you were trying to play competitively) was just that there were 8 billion characters to choose from (even if they were poorly balanced). It seems like they're trying to make an actual game out of it this time instead of just a mish mash of super hero awesomeness. Huh.

    And, uh, yay for story I guess. I won't get my hopes up.
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  10. Turns out the trailer graphics are the in-game graphics but with a 'cinematic treatment'

    http://kotaku.com/5520736/a-first-look-at-marvel-vs-capcom-3s-in game-

    And if you put Ryu from Breath of Fire in this game I will cum in my pants Capcom...all just for you. Even better yet Rei from BoF3.

    People on Kotaku want to see Okami. That would be interesting. I mean it would be an improvement over Servbot.
  11. I'm sure we're going to get a ton of new characters, the only problem here though is that the difference between the gaming industry during MvC2 and the industry today is that DLCs weren't available ten years ago
  12. Hoping for ultimate alternate costumes still I'll take what I can get.
  13. If they go with exactly 30 characters that means that you can probably expect half marvel/half capcom. And that really only leaves about 9 spots open for entirely new marvel characters because you already know that:

    Iron Man
    Captain America

    Doom (most likely)

    will be returning.

    I say get rid of all the broken characters from the MvC2 and give us something really interesting.

    We all know Deadpool is going to be one.

    Could you imagine if they put The Sentry in this? He'd easily be the most broken character in the game. His super where he'd mostly likely turn into the Void would probably take off 3/4 of your life.

    Also...predicted by Deadpool?


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  14. I hope Wolverine's Alt Costume is the Brown and Orange one. And Yea DM. Deadpool has to be able to do the shoryuken(his version anyways).
  15. I'm sure there will be multiple versions of everyone's costumes(though truth be told I can do without seeing Rulk version of hulk in this game) Personally I wold love to see some Scarlet Spider and Bucky Cap in this game, that would be awesome.
  16. Street fighter 4 was ... meh. Marvel vs Capcom 2 best fucking crossover ever. So I'm leaning toward this be pretty good but still not as fun as MV2.
  17. Mixed on this one.

    Getting sick of 2.5D fighters from Capcom. Arks and SNK are still going sprite based, and they still play awesome and feel fluid like 2-D fighters are supposed to.

    That said you can't completely hate a new MAHVEL.

    My personal editions

    Scias from BOF 4 ha, nobody even knows who this guy is, but he'd be awesome. Would main him for sure...
    Fou Lou - from BOF 4 (more might know him, but I doubt it.) Would also main, but won't ever happen.

    Ryu from any BOF before BOF 5. This is probably most likely...I'd HOPE. BOF needs some love somewhere...

    Okami would be sweet, playing through that game right now.

    Dudley...If he doesn't get his just due in an over the top fighter in a Capcom series I'm going to be upset. Dudley was made for freaking stupid aeiral raves and goofy over the top mixup

    Megaman X

    Hisen-Ko - Sick of Morrigan/Felicia being the Darkstalkers rep. Everyone else in that series was more unique and awesome then her.

    Mahvel side...

    Daredevil-- think he'd be fun and he's due.

    Anyone from the FF --Unfair how they've been treated. One of them deserves in at this point, seeing as how they were the first comic chars of Marvel...

    Thor, preferably Ultimates hammer/axe bashing Hulk's head in version...but any version of Thor would be awesome.

    Any cool Spidey Villain other then just Venom (and not Carnage) Goblin, Doc Ock, Electro. All sorts of potentially awesome chars.

    Ultron/Kang/any major Avengers super villain.


    I love Thanos...do him right next time

    Ugh. /done. So many potentially awesome chars, and they'll clearly just stick to the staples everyone knows/those with movies coming up. Check Marvels movie line up for the next two to four years and you'll have the entire Marvel side roster for the game.
  18. when i saw that i thought the trailer was fake

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