1. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjqsYzBrP-M[/media]

    release date: 11/11/11

    goodbye life...

    edit: Also, if you're planning on having kids any time soon, now would be the time to get preggers.

  2. So how soon until this game gets ero modded like number 4 got eroblivion-ed ?
  3. I like all elders scrolls game
  4. I just accidenty all over my screen.

    Also edited Renzo's post. He's making less sense than a screaming Arab imam.
  5. We'll there goes my social life...
  6. 11/11/11.... the day porn becomes obsolete.
  7. nice censorship nigger
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  9. I am playing Morrowind again. It's a completely different game with the right mods and extensions. Graphics better than stock Oblivion, better AI, etc. I originally played it stock.
  10. Daggerfall, tits without mods, master race here.

  11. hey kroz. i bought morrowind on steam and havent played it yet. what mods should i install to make it better?
  12. How in the hell would it be possible to give birth to a child on 11/11/11 if you don't plan that shit out perfect. No one can just plan to have a kid on a specific day? This is all luck of the draw and no way in hell I'd name my kid that. lol @ Bethesda games anyway. What don't they come out with a game like every 5 years. That's not alot of games lol

  13. You're too oldskool. It's the cool thing to do these days. Just hold that fucker in like a big log until 11/11/11. If it don't want to come out that day then simple PROTIP: squeeze 2 bottles of Fleet enimas up there and the little turd falls right out. It's called French birthing. Probably has nothing to do with the French but it makes it seem all Parisienne cosmopolitan.
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