1. Neon Genesis Evangelion

    I could have sworn there was a Eva thread, must have been on the other site.


    Well have the latest trailer on the upcoming movie.

    YouTube - Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance :: trailer 2

    I loved the music in the last Eva movie, especially the one that plays moments after the whole mountain melting part. If the trailer is any indication, then I going to LOVE the music in this movie too.
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    Have the platinum edition of the show and the End of Evangelion/ Death and Rebirth on DVD. I recently saw Evangelion 1.0 and I absolutely loved it! The final battle was nicely done and the animation was excellent. I can't wait to see 2.0 as soon as possible.
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    Looking forward to the second movie. Not really diggin the use of 3D, but still eager to see it.
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    Lol is there anytime you approve the use of 3d? I'm just wondering. Its not really all that noticable, they've managed to immerse it well with the style.

    I mean they used loads of 3D/CG in Kare no Kyoukai but its hardly noticable most of the time.
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    Haha nope. 3D doesn't get an approval from me. I just don't like it when they mix it with 2d. I don't really mind the slight use of 3d, but I don't really like CG robots, although I have to say that they did a really good job, blending it in.
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    But the ones in the new Eva movies aren't CG. You know how Gainax love to animate and show off their talent, they are the 2d masterminds.

    Just have a closer look and you'll notice its all 2D.

    Just look at the camera angle, smoke and the destruction of the buildings, its all 2D man.
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    Yeah I know it's not all in 3d. Check that other trailer again where they show Eva1. That was in 3d I believe. But like I said before. It doesn't bother me that much in Eva, since it actually blends in really well.
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    You're not going to find a 2D film ANYWHERE that doesn't use 3d somewhere nowadays.
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    so is this like a reanimation of the series or what?
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    Its a complete remake. With brand new animation and its apparently got a brand new story. The first film covers more or less episodes 1-8 but you can already see there are differences from the original. The ending of the first film also drastically changes events. Trailers for film 2 show a completely new Eva pilot and new Eva models.

    And lol @ the link Haoh, they are really trying to milk this cash cow.
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    That phone got pretty good specs though dude.
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    Whoa, that phone is all types of awesome. 10 megapixel camera, the only phone stateside that comes close to that is the Samsung Memoir with 8 megapixel. This phone makes the Samsung Omnia look like a toy(camera-wise, need more specs.), i would get it.

    Too bad it has all that viral marketing wrapped around it.


    "The NERV of them"

    queue The Who's song
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    I honestly couldn't get through 6 episodes of the original series. So dull.
    I rather hope this is better.
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    ehm, this is more of the same. If you didn't like the original, I hardly doubt you will like the remake

    having said that, it's hard not to like this anime with the awesome characters it's got
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    and mechas, fucking mechas
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    neh,they were secondary to me

    except when evas went berserk, then they were cool
    This was one of my first serious anime, and the only thing that wasn't to my liking was the ending. It just felt....weird

    I have to watch the End of Evangelion movie to see what happened, cuz if i remember correctly, this remake will have an entirely new ending
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    Shinji ≠ Awesome.
    They also drag on some shots for way too long.
    *Shinji sitting*
    *slow zoom out*
    *He's still sitting*
    *more zooming out*
    *more sitting*
    *orgasmic mecha battle*

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