1. That shit was epic man. Each episode is special in its own way, but that first one, perfect introduction.
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  2. Between last night and today, I watched Onigamiden movie, great action supernatural anime. I thought it just came out but I checked again and it came out in 2011 so maybe you guys seen it before. Takes place in the Heian period.
  3. Only 12 eps of Yakusoku no Neverland, you've got to be kidding me? That season finale was epic, man I miss Norman. I hope he's kept alive and made into some sperm donor or something. I hope a season 2 comes soon, something that good cannot not have a follow up season.

    Should I read the manga, and if so where would the manga start where the anime ended?
  4. Yes read the manga everything in the anime has been true representattion of the manga and its just gets crazier and better from here on out. Deffo give it a read
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  5. I caught up with dororo last night. I understand how the mother feels. It is a shitty situation everybody is in. She chose the only way out for her. But at the end of this the father has to die. He is revelling a bit too much with the brother v brother scenario.

    Also ep 11 and 12 of Neverland kept me on the toes and covered in goosebumps. Probably will pick up the manga soon.
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  6. Yo guys, I can't believe we never mentioned or discussed Kaze ga tsuyoku fuiteiru in this thread. I just binge watched the show in 2 days. It's really really good. It has all those awesome feels like shows like Haikyuu and it's by the same animation studio, Production I.G., so it looks amazing as well. Here's ANN's review if you want to learn more. It probably has some spoilers tho https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/review/run-with-the-wind/episodes-1-23/.145367
  7. I think we did discuss this. I enjoyed the first two eps but I don't think I continued any further.
  8. Its a show about running. I hate running. Therefore I didn't watch.
  9. Your logic is undeniable lol. But still you should give it a watch.

    The humor could be a bit better but the story is def worth the watch.
  10. Just watched Saga of Tanya the Evil movie. Its out to download. For those who enjoyed the series a few seasons back this is the continuation of the story. Good movie. She has gotten a new enemy in that girl. Being X is not done fucking with Tanya.
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