1. Man those feels in the Dororo episode. This anime is becoming one of my favorite animes over the last 2 years
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  2. That shock close to the end with the samurai putting in work and Dororo shocking expression made me laugh out loud.
  3. If only he had eyes. The shock would be much more real. Didn't you think it was strange he grew his foot back? So now he can recover lost limbs as well (after he already gets them back from the demon of course).
  4. In Reincarnated as a slime..the sound effects when they battle such as the latest ep where demon lord Milm fights remind me of Fate Stay Unlimited by UFO Table. Really good stuff. Also caught up with Dororo. Depressing but love the character stories and overall plot.
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  5. With Dororo this week I assume that demon wasn't one of the demons he had to kill in order to regain a body part? The animation is so refreshing in this series.
  6. Damn that last Mob episode got me right in the feels.
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  7. ep 20 of JoJo the mafia boss stand looks really OP and maybe similar to Dio and JoJo?

    This season has grown on me as the episodes progressed. I really like the fight match ups against rival mafia members who want to go to the top.
  8. It's similar in a sense that it manipulates time. Jotaro and Dio stop time, while the boss can change events that already happened to his favor.
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  9. Here's a tip if you're watching Boogiepop. Wait until each arc is finished to watch. They are self contained arcs for the most part and wouldn't make any sense unless you watch the whole arc. Up till now 3 arcs have come out.
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  10. Anybody else enjoying Mob Psycho 100 II this season?
  11. WTF!!!!! That last episode!!! Shit. Mob is gonna be broken now. May god have mercy on those fuckers.
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  12. Both Mob and Dororo was good this week. Can't wait for Mob to go H.A.M on some strong opponents again.
  13. Thanks to Toonamis shenanigans, I'm looking forward to April fools more than any holiday. They always do something interesting.

    I know I talk out Toonami a lot but I just.love it
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  14. I haven't watched Toonami in a while whats playing?
  15. Naruto, DB Super, Boruto, SAO Alicization, JoJos Bizarre Diamond is Unbreakable, Black Clover, My hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, and AoT reruns.

    Something called Blade Runner Black Lotus is coming.
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  16. Yakusoku no Neverland was awesome this week and poor Krone. I thought she would of been around longer.

    I think it's safe to say Neverland has the best opening this winter season? Mob opening song is good too.

    JoJo ep this week was great too. Still don't understand what happened there when Giorno was reviving Bruno it looked like he was dead, his soul came out his body and then he got up and he didn't bleed when he pierced his finger? Crimson stand is BOSS! We need Crimson stand vs JoJo's stand.
  17. I gotta start watching more series. I see everything you guys post, and they all sound interesting. Especially that one with the guy fighting demons to get his limbs back or something? Gotta start Mob season 2 also.
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  18. Watch Dororo now!
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  19. Dororo, Promised Neverland and mob psycho are a must for this season. Boogiepop is weird but interesting, only caveat is that better to watch it arc by arc. Domestic na Kanojo for the drama of a guy caught in a love triangle with his foster sisters and Kaguya sama love is war for the lulz of two tsundere trying to get the other to confess.

    Of course there is SAO and Slime if you wanna watch.
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