1. Really enjoyed the first episode of Neverland. That end part was shocking and now the mother knows one of the kids know the truth but she doesn't know who! I love it, her face at the end was said everything. I knew something was coming but wasn't expecting that. I'm glad I have more shows to look forward to again.

    I'll try to watch the Godzilla part 3 this weekend.
  2. Dororo

    The art direction, the music, the plot. Go Mappa. Gem in the rough.

    also lots of ep 1's out today.
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  3. I have some time today so gonna watch some of the new anime. So far I've watched Kakegurui S2 and Mob S2 episode 1. And a butt load more left to go.
    Boogiepop: uhmmm. I don't know what's going on yet. But I want to know so I guess that is a good thing.
    Dororo: Looks good. I can get behind a story like this. Although this dororo better end up playing a huge part in the series or else this is a poorly named series.
  4. I watched dororo and mob. Still planning on watching boogiepop. Dororo was surprisingly fun. Hope mappa keeps this up
  5. As mentioned in the shoutbox Dororo is pretty good and based off a 1968 anime (which is very good too surprisingly) folktale.
  6. The no name characters in Mob all have such funny designs. Well, so do the named characters, but the ones with 5o'clock shadow are particularly funny. Still on Season 1 btw.
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  7. ep 2 of Dororo was great. Some interesting comments were made. Like as Hyakkimaru gains his body back (just got his nervous system back) he will be more prone to injury and death. Will he still have his strength and ability to sense demons once he gets his sight back?

    I like that the old man is with them!

    Posted in the shoutbox but check out the 1968 ep: https://www.animegg.org/dororo-to-hyakkimaru-episode-2

    It's pretty damn good, sometimes that site messes up fyi.


    What 2p 2 was based off of: https://www.animegg.org/dororo-to-hyakkimaru-episode-3
  8. So I watched a bunch of new anime. Finally. Only 2 caught my eye so far. Tate no Yuusha and Domestic na Kanojo. Tate no Yuusha looks and is a good story but I'm getting riled up too easily by watching it. So to keep my anger in check I decided not to watch the anime and just speed read through the manga.

    Domestic is an interesting, sitcom style story with a guy who slept with a girl who ends up being the younger sister of his crush and also soon to be step sister. I'm hoping that its a good mix of humour and drama going forward.

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