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    Mob Psycho II jumps out to me
    the Made in Abyss movies
    and the Tanya the Evil movie
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  2. Boogiepop, Dororo, Domestic no Kanojo, Endro, Fukigen na Mononakean S2, Grimms notes, Kakegurui S2, Mob Psycho S2, Tate no Yuusha, Revisions, Promised Neverland (never read the manga).

    Code geass, Dungeon, Fate, psycho pass, youjo senki movies.

    Boku no hero, golden kamuy and lupin OVA.

    my list.
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  3. The anime for sure is Mob and Abyss. I hope that there is some other ones that will catch my eye.
  4. The Promised Neverland and season 2 of JoJos Golden Wind is nice
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  6. Toonami is goin hard in the mother fucking paint man. Megalo-Box premiers next week, never heard of it but it looks awesome.
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  7. what the heck, we were all talking about that in last seasons thread. Good mini series. It could of been better, I'll let you be the judge.
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  8. I'm looking forward to it looks cool. Mob Psycho started airing like a month ago and I fell in love immediately, I'm loving what toonami is doing rn.
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  9. That's the only thing going for it imo. The rest was underwhelming.
  10. Baki lethal convicts arc is finished. He was too careless agains the poison user. The next arc should be a tournament arc. The Chinese Kaioh tournament to select the Kaioh of Kaiohs.
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  12. I really enjoy Karakuri Circus. But at times I feel like they are juggling too many plots at the same time. But it looks like they are all connected. Hopefully they can bring all the plots together without messing it up.

    Currently binge watching through bunny girl senpai anime. A pretty good series. I like how the main character can't seem to catch a break having to deal with teenage girl problems. Of course the "quantum mechanics" explanations are just a throwaway explanation to all the strange phenomenon that happens. Apart from that its an enjoyable series.
  13. In for Promise Neverland and Mob Psycho ofcourse
  14. The music is awesome and the show was wonderfully done. Highly recommended it.
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  16. Some good looking shows. I can say that Demon Slayer is a pretty good series I read the manga.
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  17. Goblin Slayer season 2 confirmed! I am looking forward to the Slayer taking on different jobs as well as continuing his Goblin killing.
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  18. mob Continues to be impressive. I missed this show. Gotta love ones humor and style
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  19. Mob picked up a legit girlfriend in ep 1 of the new season was impressive. If only he knew he could get much more and hotter by flaunting his powers around lol.

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