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    Happy New Year guys!
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  2. Lots with potential..in fact too many. Instead of listing I am just going to check them out and post as we go. I will say the series about the tiny girls caught my eye as well as many movies /ova's.

    Thank you for posting this.
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  3. Is this a development of taste for loli? :troll
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  4. Don't see anything that stands out. Hope we have a good winter season. I'll check out Devilman, maybe Fate again.
  5. "The Loli Protection Society is asking $4 a month to help stop "Loli-Trashing", the act of leaving lolis in bins."
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  6. So I'm probably way late to the party, but I started Houseki no Kuni and I gotta say I'm impressed; someone finally got the right mix of CG and hand drawn anime to make it look good. I just got through the first 4 episodes, pretty fantastic.
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  7. Agreed. I've been watching it since the beginning. And the story is compelling as well. Phos is a nice protagonist. And I love the designs of the Lunarians.
    EDIT: some of the best fights from 2017
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  8. Devilman Crybaby is up on netflix.
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  9. I don't know. Wasn't feeling this. Outdoor camping? Thats the least likely thing for me to do so my interest in it is extremely low. Same goes for the ramen show.
    On the other hand Sora tori mo Tooi Basho (A place further than the universe) from Madhouse seems interesting. 2 girls on a trip to Antarctica.
    Grancrest Senki looks kinda interesting. Although I do think that the main characters happen to bond very randomly. There doesn't seem to be much chemistry between them yet.
    I have four more shows to check today as well as devilman. Love the start of a new season.
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  10. I loved the original devilman. This one doesnt live up to that imo. Way too rushed and the character interaction/script is really weak. Its so poorly written that its difficult to watch.
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  11. I never watched the original Devilman but this Netflix Devilman Crybaby is awesome. I watched the first ep and a bit of the second cause my gf hates anime lol. I'll check more of it out later.

    Watched Grancrest and thought it was okay. It feels like all I see now in anime is fantasy magic anime type genres in a medieval setting.
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  12. I've never watched devilman before. Just tried the first episode of crybaby. It looks good. Although it will take me a bit to get used to the animation. And that sex club scene gave me a boner and wtf at the same time.
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  13. Again with Yome you can always count on Chise fainting, being kidnapped, on the verge of death and trying to convince me that her being in a sexual relationship with a grown man like Elias is okay lol.

    At the beginning were those images of the future cause Chise looks older or was that from the past with someone closely resembling her? I'm getting the feeling Elias puts Chise through shit just to get off.
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  14. Looks like a flashforward. Chise is gonna be one hell of a mage.
    EDIT: finally Gintama is in its last season. I'm hyped. They are gonna pick a war with everyone and of course there is the threat of Utsuro to deal with.
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  15. That op and ed looks a lot like uematsu style. Might check it out.
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  16. Kokkoku could be the hit of the season.
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  17. I was thinking about watching it yesterday but then fell asleep. I'll try to watch it after work.

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