1. That episode of Gintama was freaking beautiful. Man am did I get back into this show the right time. That was an epic battle!!!!!!
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  4. I have streamjng sites but it was nice to not have to get on the pc and also I guess support the industry but not now. Anime blurays cost a truckload so I rarely buy those.

    edit: sorry for hijacking winter thread and holy crap kissanime.ru works on my ps4. Goodbye Crunchyroll.

    Also v2 is up of the Spring anime, etc. v3 will be out March 30th.

    April 5th can't some soon enough. Also, Boku, Titan, Chicks in Dungeons..ahh I got all excited but it's just a spinoff but better than nothing. Berserk? Is this that same 3d crap? Also woah Atom . a prequel leading up to the birth of Astro Boy? IG involved.

    Granblue looks fun. Creators too. Seikai by Toei. Spring has a lot of potential and this isn't even the final update. So many good trailers out too and I just saw that Titan S2 pv. lmao so good.


    Is this a pv for anime or something else? Looks awesome:

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  5. Damn why did KonoSuba had to be only 10 episodes long this season? Hopefully they keep doing more seasons. I mean they've already gone through half of the demon king's generals.
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  7. I've heard rumours that this movie may be the actual conclusion of the Fairy Tail story rather than the end being in the manga. Does anyone know if there any truth to that? It would for the manga to just end and have people have to go watch a movie to see how it all ends. Probably just a rumour, but I just thought I'd ask.
  8. Oh damn. Tanya's soldiers are in trouble now. The empire was so close to complete victory over the republic but now that that allied kingdom has openly joined in its gonna turn bloody.
  9. That was quick. I expected at least two episodes Oboro's backstory and fight. Pretty dope that he was the first student. I'm wandering if killing the immortal dude will bring him back to his senses, basically resetting him.

    Also ORGAAAAAAA (for those who watch Gundam Iron Blood Orphans)
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  10. vicious you were not kidding. tales of zestiria is a lot of fun. It feels like watching an rpg and damn is it nicely animated. Can't believe I just started to pick this up. I'm at ep 5 now and soley has just picked up the seraph lady lake sword.
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  11. I tried to told you! lol

    Well San and I both have been pushing this so I am happy someone else is watching it. Ufo table man...such a great studio. It just looks so good. S1 was really good and s2 is just as good. Feel free to discuss S1 here man and I'll keep S2 spoilers to a minimum.

    Now I just need to get the others to watch. I'm on ep 16 S2 so behind some.
  12. How did it not cross your mind to warn me about the epicness I was about to witness in episode 5 vicious? Velvet is the dopest female protagonist I've seen in a while.
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  13. Looks like I found another sports anime to watch. I just watched ep 11 of Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation and it's pretty good. I've been looking for a bicycle anime. I was watching a bit of Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu which is an all girls cycling anime, geared toward younger girls though. This one is seems to have a Haikyuu type vibe to it, at least from the ep that I just watched.

    Another good episode of Gintama this week. I should make the effort and go back to watch Zestiria, I'll watch ep 11 a bit later though.
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  14. Also I liked how they played that song sequence before the actual ED. Pretty epic few mins. So many after credit scenes.
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  15. So I started watching the first series of Yowamushi Pedal and so far I'm glad I did, it's pretty entertaining.
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  16. Oh found it actually if you missed it. Guess I could edit my post ...ahh f it. It was odd cause it wasn't an ED.. the ED came right after this. lol. Still awesome.

  17. I think that's the opening for the game. They did the same thing for tales of berseria. Some really good animation which is usually the case for tales intros
  18. Fuck, the last arc of Gintama is gonna be epic. The whole universe against earth?!!! Are you fucking kidding me?
    Also that Youjo Senki episode was great. That aerial battle was really well done. And she just shot him to pieces and no less with his own gun.
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  19. I know right. Too bad we have to wait a long time for it. Starting next week it's reruns starting with episode one of I'm not mistaken
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