1. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. Getting all this backstory on Umibozu and his family can only mean one thing, one of them is going to end up dead. But still i love this fight. Without his stupidly op regeneration I'm sure Umibozu can defeat Utsuro. Also its nice to learn that Utsuro isn't one of a kind monster in the universe and who else should be like him other than the wife of the strongest man in the universe and the mother of Kamui and Kagura. Man no wonder those kids are so fucking powerful even among the Yato tribe.
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  2. Umibozu, that's not the way to tell a story to a KID! hahaha. Talking about taming your orochi and subduing your balls. So basically the kids are born from the 2 strongest people in the universe. I bet Umibozu is gonna kick the bucket. Probably gonna end up dying while protecting his kids.
  3. Excellent backstory w/ Umibozu, that's how you win a girl over lol.

    You guys really need to check out Gantz o
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  4. WTF! how the hell did Shino miss that last shot. He had the ship locked. Anyway if that would've hit it would've been a too easy end. Must see Mika do some crazy shit with Barbatos again
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  5. Man that new town in KonoSuba is insane. But in a weird way it makes sense since it is where the main church of Aqua is.
  6. Youji Senki got pretty intense half way through and I think a true rival has been born.
  7. I think you are right. That guy has survived Tanya for the second time now. But would you consider this cheating by God? It seems that this person has been chosen specifically to kill Tanya and given some divine powers.
    Now this was the kind of battle I was expecting. This will help root out the weak links in the battalion and make them even stronger. Personally I don't see anything wrong with the way they conducted the battle. As Ive said before Tanya isn't necessarily evil, she is just a very efficient soldier who can look at the field of battle objectively without any emotion. She found a way to use the wartime laws to wage battle in cities. And I'd say she gave plenty of time to surrender or evacuate before declaring anybody who remains an enemy combatant. Given how she didn't use any subterfuge I'd say it was the fault of the people who failed to heed her warnings.
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  8. Leroy our fears came true.. Umibozu has fallen. Well kinda anyway. Nice save there from Gintama
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  9. lol @ that headbutt from Gintoki to Umibozu.
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  10. That fucking monster just wont die will it? I was hoping for Gintoki vs Utsuro but i'll settle for vs Kamui.
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  11. So just to make sure, Umibozu's wife and the bad guy that looks like a crow are from the same planet? This is what you get when only watch a hand full of episodes
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  12. No. They are the same kind of being. Some planets produce this thing called altana which is a power source and the main reason why the tendoushu and the amanto invaded earth. Both Kouka and Utsuro are mutants born due to the effects of this altana. The Yato planet's mutant is Kouka and Earth's mutant is Utsuro. To my mind they are the chosen ones or a defense mechanism the planets produce in order to protect themselves. But who knows why they are actually born that way.
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  13. ahh ok that's what I understood from Kouka after watching the last two episodes. I just didn't get that Utsuro was earths altana. So the only way to really defeat Utsuro is to take him to another planet and kill him. This way he won't be able to regenerate that fast right? Because on earth its almost an insane impossible task to try to kill him. I mean he grew back into a whole person from a chopped of hand. That's insane
  14. By the way San, I just watched the Gantz O movie. The action was really dope but it was kinda annoying to be dropped in the middle of all those characters without any back story. I watched and read only a few chapters so I have no clue who all those characters are. But man do the women, especially the one in the shampoo commercial, have big boobs. Gantz nickname for her is even big boobs lol. Are there more cg movies? I would like to see more of kurono (only reason I remembered that name is because I've never heard that name before)
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  15. Umi and his wife were basically dual Kwisatz Haderach's
  16. Anyone check this baki ep? An revamp ol skool anime. Looks like the kind of show I need in my life if this is going to be a thing.

    Link: http://animeonlinehere.net/baki-episode-1

    It's more of an intro to the whole series without getting into anything.

    That is probably the only criticism that can be said with not enough character background. You have to think a little bit to understand what's going on. Even if you can't it's entertaining enough to just be amazed and give it a pass. I was watching it with my bro and just gave a quick explanation of things while we were watching it. I remember the dude that likes to undress wasn't in there and the panda too.....but I think the panda died off screen.
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  17. Bah I can't find the Gintama latest ED. Keeps being taken down. Love this series and the music. That ED though.
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  18. Man the feels in that gintama episode. And then next week another epic battle. When does it stop or what am I saying. Please don't let it stop. This is to freaking epic
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  19. Goddamn. This is the best kind of episode Gintama offers. Great action with great emotion as a companion. I never thought I would feel emotional over Kamui and they just had to prove me wrong.
    Looking forward to Shinsuke vs Oboro.
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