1. The first 2 eps will set the foundation to the plot.
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  2. relevant and recent
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  3. Leroy did you catch the new episode of gintama. What an epic episode. And then the comedy at the end had me lol. Next episode seems promising as well which is a given. I'm actually pretty glad that I didn't read the manga for this so I never had to wait for the epicness to be animated
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  4. Indeed Pakuyasa ftw. The four students have finally reunited after 10 years. From the preview it looks like they are going to let Gintoki take on Utsuro while Kamui is going straight for his father. I never read the manga either so this is very exciting.
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  5. The animation for Tales of Zestiria The X is really beautiful.
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  6. That Gintama ep :3:
    So so good and that ending also the music throughout. all the guitar was awesome and that ED. Can't wait for next week. That has to be one of the most awesome ED ever. I have to add that to my gaming tunes.

    Also I get this cool One Piece vibe from those 4.

    @san yeah I was touting that series all last season. UFO Table series..same as fate zero unlimited.
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  7. [IMG]

    When you give your old chap the name "Holy Sword Excalibur" and your GF ain't one bit impressed.
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  8. ^^
  9. uhhh.. old chap = dog?? gogo SAO
  10. I just watched Hakuouki: Kyoto Ranbu episode 1, it's a first part of two Hakuouki movies. It's about supernatural, drama, samurai and shoujo stuff. I never heard of it but just randomly started watching cause I wasn't doing anything after work. I thought the animation was good and the fight scenes were nicely done. It reminded me of my short time in Kyoto a couple years back.
  11. Watched ep 1 of the OVA Ryuu no Haisha (The Dragon Dentist). Good animation and interesting concept with life and death revolving around the dragon. I recommend watching if you have you're not busy.
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  12. Haoh. Go watch gintama immediately. So good. We are finally getting the fight we want.
  13. Umibouzu ftw

    Lol also at the spitting and f bombs
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  14. I love me some Umibouzu, dude is total badass and he likes Mugiwara no Luffy too (made a reference to him a couple eps back lol). I didn't want him to get injured like that at the end though he's kind of handicap at the worst possible time.
  15. I'm sorry but this season has just been mediocre at best. There are like 2-3 days at best of new ep's worth watching. When I get more excitement from Toonami dub reruns than new sub eps there is a problem. So many bad series and that's not just my tastes that's the studios that dilute every season with more and more crap. When I'm forced to check out Ninja girl and Samurai Master...
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  16. Agreed. Crap season.
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  17. I don't watch Toonomi but I agree with the statement of anime in general. I'm just clinging on every and anything lol.
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  18. Well good thing we are going in strong with Attack On Titan and My Hero Academy next season
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  19. I watched it the second it came out, just forgot to post about it since I've been busy. You know those feels you get with an epic anime scene like gurren lagan kamina and simon, or with haikyuu during epic saves or smashes. I was getting the seems feels this episode. Those four coming back together and just ripping shit up and then the battle of the giants at the end. Never has an anime that I've barely watched excited me so much
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  20. The Gantz:eek: movie is out! 3 min in and it's not disappointing.

    One of my fav chapters of Gantz: http://www.mangapanda.com/gantz/168


    I hope we get the rest of the Gantz series like that, the cgi was spectacular on FF proportions.

    Watched the last episode of the OVA Dragon Dentist. I recommend checking it out if you haven't.
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