1. No relation from what I see. It looks interesting enough. ReZero was something special.


    Just watched Gintama. That fight with Katsura and the Monkey King guy was intense. I think that was the first time Katsura called himself Zura. Looking forward to all the upcoming fights.
  2. That's what I thought when I first saw the report on ann. After seeing the trailer with all different characters and also a different studio behind it it was pretty clear this was more like a side story of some sorts. Anyway if it's anywhere close as good as zero kara I'm down to watching this.
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  3. Wait so it's from the same universe?
  4. Nope. Like i said two different stories from two different authors set in two different universes. Absolutely no relation whatsoever between them. We can see where the confusion comes from, the name is so fucking similar, the original material started releasing around the same time, similar genre, character with similar features, same studio animating both. But I repeat no relation at all. It is not a side story or a prequel or a sequel or an alternate universe.
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  5. I can't believe there isn't more love for Gundam iron blood orphans. This show (especially the second season) has been going strong since it began. There's so many shocking twist and turns in this show and above that you're just rooting for tekkadan to finally realize their dream. It's really moving and has me much more invested in its story compared to any other Gundam show
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  6. Another great episode of Youjo Senki. The Dakians were a terrible opponent for Tanya's battalion's first mission. I honestly thought the other guy from the military was trying to set her up and send her to the worst place possible. Or maybe send her to instigate a war with another nation rather than defend the borders from an invasion. But there doesn't seem to be any subterfuge. I wouldn't call her necessarily evil but her methods are a bit harsh and foreign to those around her. Still it was hilarious that she used her cute girl voice to issue the mandated warning before blasting the enemy to kingdom come. That battalion needs a proper challenge as I'm sure all of them are now hardened as fuck and can take down anyone.
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  7. Youja senki?? Guess I missed that one.
  8. in english, Saga of Tanya the Evil. First episode was kind of a dud so you will need to watch the second episode before you decide whether you like it or not.
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  9. Any anime I should check out this winter? I'm going to try and actually finish one anime series this season. All the ones I picked up last season I never finished, except for Haikyuu!!! of course, that shit is the bomb.
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  10. ^I know its old but if you haven't seen Mob Psycho 100, I'd recommend it.

    I picked it back up last week after dropping it at ep4 when it first aired because I was bored, but damn it really picked up episode 5 onwards.

  11. I've been watching Rewrite: Moon and Tera, it's been interesting so far.
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  12. It feels like things are finally going the way Kazuma wants in KonoSuba. Its funny how despite their major flaws his party has successfully neutralized 3 of 8 commanders in the Devil King's Army. It doesn't hurt having such OP members in the team like a goddess, an explosion maniac and a masochistic nut job who can take almost unlimited amounts of pain.
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  13. The shows I'm watching this season are

    Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
    Scum's Wish
    Gabriel's Dropout
    Little Witch Academia
    Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (season 2)
    Interview with Monster Girls
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  14. ^ I watched Serien's first arc but decided to give it up. Not to my liking.
    So my current list is:
    Masamune kun no revenge
    Youjo Senki
    KonoSuba (S2)
    Little Witch Academia
    Gundam IBO, Sousei no Onmyouji and 3-gatsu no lion from previous seasons.
  15. The latest ep of Blue Exorcist :shiny:
    Good stuff by the old man getting to see him fight but that demon..wth is that guy or who is he really.
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  16. This time Tanya's battalion got a proper battle. And it looks like they will be facing two nations in the near future. That 'God' is really petty manipulating events so that all enemy nations are taking notice of Tanya. As he said the whole world against her just because she doesnt believe? Lol.
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  17. Good episode but I'm a bit worried this all has to come together some how. God is really going out his way to say I told you so. Why is Tanya so special to get that kind of attention?
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  18. Indeed. God is going as far as to plunge this alternate world into war just to teach a lesson to Tanya. But we don't know the full capabilities of this God yet. Perhaps this whole world was constructed just to teach Tanya this lesson? And maybe this is not a unique service? Maybe this God is teaching the same lesson to multitudes of people at the same time?
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  19. Who the hell is Tanya.
  20. Sorry dude we should have been specific. Youjo Senki. Tanya is the main character from that series.
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