1. What a petty god in youjo senki. To be forced to pray every time in order to use the magic device is just being silly.
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  3. That Blue Exorcist anime is boring so far. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue past episode 3 unless someone can convince me otherwise.
  4. Oh hell yeah. Haoh, we might be getting Umibozu vs Utsuro fight in this gintama arc. Its gonna be epic to see the strongest Yato vs an immortal.
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  6. I think most people are reluctant to start the series because it is long. Sure its over 300 episodes but you can skip to all the serious stuff if you want. But it isn't a chore to watch the whole thing either. Because in between the comedy is some of the best drama and fight scenes.
    I tried to find one clip with all of the best fights in it but failed. So here is a reddit thread which has links to all of the best ones. Spoiler warning.
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  7. ^I started on Gintama a few weeks back, I am only on like ep 3.

    Ep 3 was pretty slow, I am hoping the payoffs for the arc start to come in the next ep or 2.
  8. I skipped around on gintama awhile back. Was eyeing it again last night on crunchyroll. I always thought it was just some silly comedy..guess not lol.
  9. Just watched ep 3 of Gintama and loving this arc so far. I missed a lot of eps but fortunately I watched enough episodes in the past where I feel I can just jump into this arc.
  10. I dunno. I lost interest in Kuroko the moment I watched Haikyuu. Kuroko was good but Haikyuu is just in another dimension. And I read Kuroko extra mini manga. It wasn't very good and took too long to finish.
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  11. This right here. It's like comparing the Prince of tennis to baby steps. In the beginning pot used to be fun but it's too over the top insane fake, where baby steps is a bit more of a real, that can happen kind of style to tennis. It's not just about special moves.
  12. THIS!
  13. A good episode from youjo senki. Tanya can't seem to stop getting into situations she'd rather avoid. Maybe its the Being X making her life unlucky for her. An almighty god having a vendetta against you can be a tough one.
  14. I enjoyed youjo senki this week as well. Going back to Haikyuu for a sec. It would be cool if they had a side story with other sports like basketball in the Haikyuu universe. That way we get to see the same style of art and animation. I love basketball so it came to my mind. I would watch that. There is similarities between the sports so it could work.
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  16. No didn't finish it, meh I don't think I'm motivated enough to continue. lol. I need my Keijo back lol.
  17. @Leroy, did you check out the new gintama episode? Man Zura is one hell of a general.
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  19. Just did. Its true that Zura gets overshadowed by Gintoki and Takasugi most of the time and he always acts the goofy leader of the rebellion so its rare when we get to see that he is also a monster born from the same school.
    Just to be clear, this has no relations whatsoever with ReZero that we all loved and enjoyed. Totally different series from totally different authors. I was pissed when I first heard about this series. I thought we were getting a second season or a prequel to ReZero. I mean for fucks sake their names are 75% the same and the look and feel of it is also similar.
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