1. Best thing about this ep was hearing Pervy sage's VA...however military series are a dime a dozen and usually with some German connection. Been there done that. Mages are cool but if you want to keep my attention it needs to be Gate or Overlord or Dungeon chicks.
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  2. Did anyone watch the One Piece film: Gold?

    It was a pretty good OP movie and Luffy displayed a bit of his gear 4 so that was good. I was pleasantly surprised to see Rob Lucci, I think we got robbed with the off screen fight Rob vs Sabo.
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  3. lol damn good but gotta laugh at the people on the rink like whatever:
    Yuri on Ice Live

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  4. Gintama was pretty good this week. I think I may start watching again. I need a good laugh or two for this winter.
  5. Gintama was pretty good this week. I think I may start watching again. I need a good laugh or two for this winter.
  6. Not only this week man. You should catch up on the last two ark's. It has been insanely good. Even tho it's much more serious there's still that good gintama humor in it.
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  7. Any thoughts on ACCA..madhouse's new show.
  8. ^
    I didn't give it a chance, watched a couple seconds of it and then turned it off, meh. Let me know if you watch it and like it.

    I'm way more then 2 arcs back, I don't even remember where I left off. Going back to 2012/2013 I think lol. I always liked the seriousness mixed in with the humor of Gintama they do it in such a unique way.
  9. Acca isnt something you'll get hooked on right from the beginning. If I'm honest it was pretty boring, but it had something mysterious to it. I'm hoping for action in the upcoming episodes
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  10. KonoSuba second season opener did not fail to deliver. Kazuma as usual is trouble.:D
    Btw the first episode of Little Witch Academia is out. You can find subs on nyaa.
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  11. ^ I was laughing a lot watching S1..at ep 4 so far. It's like the handbook on how to suck at anime rpg life. Lol. The anti SAO if you will.

    The never ending high pitch chatter from Aqua is annoying and something I abhor in jp female va's but I'm gonna finish it.
  12. That's a bizarre origin story in youjo senki. Its weird how a salaryman makes a great soldier. Of course a great deal of that comes from the fact that he was reincarnated with his memories and experiences intact.
    EDIT: also watched gintama. Nice to get an explanation about Utsuro. If they are going to be fighting against him again this arc is gonna be great as well. Hopefully they can match the awesomeness of the last arc.
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  13. Youjo Senki leveled up a hundred folds in episode 2 with that origin story I thought that was great. I had to rewind that laid off worker scene at least 5 times hahaha.
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  14. First 2 eps of Blue Exorcist did not disappoint, just good shounen fun. There's a bit of recap so people can pick it up without seeing season 1, which came out like five years ago.

    Get blessed by an Uverwold opening to
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  15. Without watching season 1 I thought that the first 2 episodes were good as well. It seemed to me that this was the beginning of the series.
  16. Yea they started on a fresh story arc, and did a decent recap. All that happened in first season was they started exorcist school, and the main character lost control of his powers during a mission. The rest of the first season was a bad filler
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  17. Full Metal Panic season 4 slated to air in the fall apparently.

    And is called Full Metal Panic!: Invisible Victory

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  18. I have high hopes for this. They cant possible fuck this up with that staff.. right?
    I guess a trailer will tell is more. For now this looks a lot like the second raid which is a great thing.
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  19. Have not watched FMP. Guess I'll catch up on crunchyroll which by the way I pay for now.

    Grew tired of streaming off the pc every time. Ps4 crunchy app is so much easier for me since I'm on the ps4 like always and it is updated fast.
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  20. Yea I also pay for it now, good to support the industry.

    Its apparently being handled by a new studio so we will see, anyways I hope we also get a second season of Full Metal Panic Fummoffu as well.
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