1. Just watched Grand Order. Not bad. I expected more from Archer. Caster(who was Lancer in the main series) was the man. Never seen that Rider before and don't know his name. Its a pity they are only teasing us with this one episode. Hopefully they make more OVAs and cover all the whole game.
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  2. I know eh it makes no sense, to just put the ground work introduction into what can be at least a 26 ep series lol. Ya I expected more from Lancer too, he wasn't so bad as Caster but he is definitely badass as Lancer in the main series.
  3. I know this is from last season but instead of splitting between 2 threads since we all migrate to the next thread as the season starts i figured I'd ask, did anyone here watch Flip Flappers? I'm on episode 8 and i feel like we missed out on something here.
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  4. I've heard good things about its art style, but haven't seen it
  5. WOW I checked out the first episode and I was pretty impressed. I would more than likely not give this show a chance just by looking on the cover. I wonder what other h4x powers those 2 girls have when they are connected like that again. Papika is dressed way too slutty for her age and did anyone book the perv moment when Cocona was tied up just prior going into Pure Illusion. All this show needs is a good villain and build more on the plot and we have a hit. Thanks for the heads up on this Atemesk.
  6. Fair warning, it's going to feel all over the place for the first few episodes but it slowly starts coming together.
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  7. As long as their able to bring it all together, ep 1 wasn't hard to follow.
  8. I recall watching an episode of flip flappers. But the first episode didn't catch my attention. Maybe I gave it up too quickly. Will watch it again.
    I just finished watching Saiki Kusuo and its definitely the best comedy series of last year for me.
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  9. There is a bit of a vacuum for me for anime lately maybe under normal circumstances I would of felt the same.
  10. I just rewatched Euphonium and man that is so good. As for the Fate special it was good but it lacks that UFO table shine in various aspects.
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  11. So I finished Flip Flappers, the mid episodes were fantastic, the last 2 felt like a step down sadly but I still recommend finishing it. It almost felt like they ran out of money towards the end, there as a noticeable drop in quality and it was like they rushed the story to its end. But they took the time to explain the things i felt needed explaining the most, so I'm satisfied.

    Edit: Interesting, apparently the scriptwriter changed midway through the series, that explains a lot.
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  12. new promo for Heaven's Feel. Although it isn't showing much in terms of plot or anything. But as the trailer reveals this time around Sakura will be the main character.
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  13. Shame cannot view that in the states.
  14. Fixed. I am really excited for this one because my friend keeps telling me heaven's feel is the best route of the three. Its darker and shirou is even more of a badass according to him.
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  15. Looks good..love me some ufo table. I have not read any manga for this so.. and now I feel the need to marathon the series.

    Ty for the link.
  16. Just watched Masamune-kun no revenge. The plot is nothing new, a person gets ridiculed/rejected when young because they were nerdy/fat so they change everything about them so they can get in the face of their abusers and show them whats what. Not a bad episode. Had its funny moments.
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  17. Youjo Senki ep 1: http://animeonlinehere.net/youjo-senki-episode-1

    magic and military anime, worth a first ep watch at the very least.


    Just finished ep 3 of Flip Flappers and I am liking this anime even more. I thoroughly appreciated the Kenshiro/Hokuto no Ken fighting/clothing style by Papika and also the Sailor Moon transformation by both Papika and Cocona. I still don't get what is going on exactly but I am entertained enough for now not to mind.
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  18. I'll check those out and a series I loved showa genroku's s2 just started. Original very well written and acted anime series.

    Guess I missed it but I see Blue Exorcist is back! time to watch
  19. It was a bit boring at first but it got better towards the end when the girl showed how OP she was.
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  20. I just finished Flip Flappers series and it was a great 12 series ep I recommend watching it. Ep 1 of Ao No Exorcist looks promising I think I will continue.
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