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    KonoSuba and Gintama are back. My comedy portion is secure.
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  2. Nothing stands out too much for me yet.
  3. In for Blue Exorcist, season 1 was pretty damn enjoyable back in like 2011

    Anyways good to turn the calendar to 2017 we got so many great sequels coming;

    Steins; Gate 0
    Attack on Titan Season 2
    One Punch Man Season 2
    Code Geass Season 3
    FLCL Season 2
    Full Metal Panic
    Boku no Hero Academia Season 2
    Gintama Final Season
    Ao no Exorcist Season 2
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  4. When you put it that way there is something to be excited for.
  5. Someone get San laid.

    The main stuff has been pointed out above by Kickz though that seems to be mostly for the whole year so:

    I can't wait for UFOtables S2 of Tales of Zestiria. The first was so good and it's UFO (fate/zero).
    Man there are a lot of historical series from some less relevant studios this season so we'll see how those go. Hit/Miss.

    Keep an eye on Studio Deen's works. They have quite a few possible dark horse series this season. Anyone know anything about this ACCA series from Madhouse? Granblue from A1 could be interesting but no details yet.
  6. There is an SAO movie. ACCA sounds interesting. And I might give a chance at Little Witch Academia.
  7. C'mon man you have not seen that since the kickstarter? So good and it was just a huge appreciation for the art and animation from everyone.
  8. It's a kickstarter thing? I didn't know. I have seen the title pop out here and there.
    Edit: I see it on netflix. I will give it a watch before the series start.
  9. Haoh to the rescue

    Little witch academie started off with a kickstarter episode and it got big from there.

    Acca is probably the only thing new worth watching this season. Its from the staff that did one punch man and space dandy. So great animation and art guaranteed.
    Its basically their first attempt at making an anime thats more story driven.

    Its gonna be a depressing season from the looks of it. If anyone finds any hidden gems let me know.
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  11. That promo looked fucking sick! There is a short story link called Genesis that focuses on events of Favaro and Kaiser between events of the first and second series in that link too fyi.
  12. Love Ao no Exorcist and I'm so excited for season 2
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  13. Well thank our various danish gods we don't have to rely on that information which is truly to be false.
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  14. I just watched the 53 min kickstarter episode of Little Witch Academia and I was pretty impressed. Looks like a show you can do a lot with.

    Are you guys a fan of Ajin? My bro has been trying to get me on that show for awhile now. I think I'll pick it up.
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  15. Totally forgot about Ajin but I'll check it out.
  16. Fate/Grand Order: First Order looks like a keeper in episode 1
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  17. Isn't this just a special episode? I'll check it out later. This will be the first non Fate/Night related anime that check out.
  18. It looked like an intro to a new series and very good intro I might add. I am not sure though if this was just a special, I hope not.
  19. https://myanimelist.net/anime/34321/Fate_Grand_Order__First_Order
    Looks like just a special. Ufotable's Heaven's Feel route of Fate/Stay Night is getting a film trilogy and the first one comes out this year (2017). Either ufotable or any other studio should focus on the sequel to Fata/Stay night, Fate/Hollow Atraxia instead of doing parallel world stuff like Grand Order. We already have an alternate timeline series in the form Fate/Kaleid. Stop confusing us with stuff and finish the main story.
    EDIT: Apparently you can't have enough of the parallel world stuff. Here is a preview of Fate/Extra Last Encore set to air this year.
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