1. Just watched the first episode of Wizard Barristers, absolute eye candy (with a few eye sores) Wakamoto Frog made it for me though
  2. My bro was watching this live when he apped me. He thought it almost looked like 3d because of how good it was animated. Freaking HDD gave up on my laptop. I'm still waiting for them to fix it. Complete lurk mode now.
  3. Why is no one watching this [IMG]

    Looks like an awesome mecha show and it's in 2d. I've never heard of it. Didn't even give it a chance..
  4. What is it?
  5. Buddy Complex. That scene is by Hironori Tanaka.
  6. Are you watching Mikakunin de Shinkoukei?
    shits a riot
  7. Jesus.. there just isn't a whole lot that I wanna watch.. Dandy has been sub par and Witch I've watched already. Just a whole lot of meh in that list. I'm still waiting for the next big anime series to be made that will catch our attention in manga and anime for a full decade.
  8. Dude I'm close to give up on anime as a whole, until the whole anime culture changes into something that I like again. Every season it's the same shit over and over again. It's so hard to find something that I like. I end up watching the drama shows, cause the rest is just shit.
    Dandy is 4 episodes in and still no progress story wise. If it was by any other staff and studio I would've dropped it already.

    At least JoJo is coming back in Spring.

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