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    More Overlord. Fuck Yeah!!!!!! Also some other stuff.
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  2. Shingeki no Kyojin season 3 July 23, 2018 that is all I see. Let me know what else that's new worth watching.
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  3. I'll try to post this every season. I think it's good someone made a top 10 list out of the list of upcoming summer 2018 anime that Leroy has above. It's good because you can see whats good in one place. Now I am interested in the Badminton anime and Baki anime. The vampire one looks good as well.
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  4. Hope they make this into a series. I enjoy the Tales series. This was from E3 even though it's old for a remaster coming.

  5. Caught up with the last 2 episodes of Black Clover yesterday and thought it was great, Captain Yami is bad ass. Does Asta learn to master Ki? Cause that would put him in the next tier I think (going along with a couple more moves). Can sense all energy and neutralize all magic. I'm looking forward to next weeks episode, want to see what that Mantis captain is about.
  6. Banana Fish sounds like it has an interesting premise and I usually like P.A. Works work. Here's the trailer for it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbHM0mjZvZ0
    Besides this and shingeki no kyojin there aren't many other shows I'm interested in watching. Not even furikuli
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  7. Holy shit that Boku ep was epic as FUCK!!! All Might!!! Also the Nanatsu ep was awesome. Finally some kick-ass anime episodes.
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  8. Banana Fish trailer really promoted the show well, I think I'm almost sold.

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