1. Seems like this week's Youkosou was mostly filler heavy on fan service. One awesome thing about this series is that in every ED you get the most up to date points of the main characters involved and also class totals. Its still a mystery how Ichinose of class B has over 2 million points. She must be the richest student in year 1.
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  2. Double post! Well Nina fucked it up again. I really hope she gets to redeem herself. I'm not that big a fan of seeing everything through the eyes of a lovestruck naive teen.
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  3. That Abyss ep had the usual emotional moments towards the end and it was beautiful. As for Ozen she is uhh.. quirky and somewhat messed up in the head but definitely not a bad person. You better earn her respect though lol.
    It is going to be so interesting to meet these other white whistles. For once I am very glad I have not indulged in the reading material for this series. The anime is great and suspenseful. It is also a good thing to see those two naive attitudes be torn away.

    They are both becoming experienced raiders more and more and toughened up. She will no doubt be worthy of something above a white whistle when it is all said and done. They are young but they do not have the luxury of growing up slowly. Die or adapt. With Lyza's weapon in her hands I want to see her really harden up when need be and kick some ass. A time skip would be cool when this season is over with. I cannot even imagine a S2 not happening.

    As for Bahamut the after credit scene was the best. Time to fight!
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  4. dble post: Yeah Man! I fucking love eps like this. The latest Creators ep was damn good with the fights. The sound alone is so awesome. She is one evil bitch and reminded me of Aizen being fought by everyone at once. lots of big deaths, limbs gone and limit break abilities lol. Nicely done. Worth a watch for sure.

    Even the mech fights were awesome especially at the end. Jesus that was some epic main characters gonna die game of thrones shit.

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  5. Awesome ep for re-creators. That Charon guy was a moron. I think its gonna be a harder battle against Altair now that Selesia is gone.
    The Abyss ep was good as well. Finally we got to see Lyza.
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  6. Vicious is almost making me feel I should of stuck with re-Creators.
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  7. Got our first trailer for what looks like will be the top series of the Fall season;

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  8. Looks excellent ^
    and it is mentioned in this as well. The fall charts are out mostly with about 40ish days to go.

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  9. Anyone still watching Knight's & Magic? Its by no means a great show. The pace is way too fast leaving no room for it to breath. This leads to lots of time jumps and a general confusion of the lay of the land. With these kinds of fantasy stories its good to build your world a bit. But in this series I'm mostly confused about who is fighting who or what country this person is from. The only reason why i'm still watching this is because of the mechs and the main character and to see what he comes up with next.
  10. For the reason you stated above I quit it while back.. pace is too fast.
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  11. Abyss ep just started and already it's awesome lol. That rehash scene but with the music. Stupid girl.. she needs to cut that shit out getting them in trouble not thinking first.

    She is starting to get annoying...and as I'm typing this she didn't stay where he told her and got them into trouble yet again and she's begging for Reg to wake up.. Maybe you should have stayed put.
  12. So major death at the end of Bahamut. And was that guy who attacked Nina a dragon or demon? Azazel called him a demon who was serving humans but he sure looked like a dragon.
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  13. You know I noticed the appearance to be different as well.. Huge dragon but something around the head was off. Maybe the horns were different and more like Azazel?
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  14. I kinda expected this on ReCreators. Well not the red herring that was Sirius but getting Altair's creator involved. By far the coolest ability in this series is Magane's. A lie about a lie folds itself inside out.

    Midoriya and Bakugo are about to get rekt by All Might.

    Almost 7k for Reg and Riko. Once they hit the sixth layer of the abyss they'll have surpassed the deepest hole man has ever dug in real life.
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  15. That Creators ep was nuts. Can't wait for the next ep to see her creator.
    Ballroom was magical as always. Gotta watch the rest.
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  16. A bit confusing there, I was almost certain he was full Dragonfolk. Shocked that El got stabbed like that. I hope he isn't dead.

    Will watch Boku later.
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  18. Never heard of it either, that music before it started was creepy AF.
    Forgot how much I loved that theme song. I'm gonna have to watch that series again.
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  19. lol yeah that music is from the church scene where Spike dies eventually if I remember correctly.


    also, the latest ep for Fate/Apoc was really good. Berserker limit break!!
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  20. I stopped watching Fqte/Apoc just lost interest but I want to finish it. The animation is always on point.

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