1. That was a frustrating episode of Gamers. We have a bunch of idiots who are misunderstanding every single instance.
  2. Meh, I watched ep 1 and that will probably be as far as I go.
  3. Oh yeah same here. Just something different I saw.
  4. The heck was that creepy creature that Riko saw? And damn Ozen is one tall chick.
  5. She is the creepy one lol and yeah almost 2 meters tall. I like it they made her that way kind of ambiguous. Seems she's up to some no good and some disdain for Lyza. Feels a lot like the 3rd Hokage and Danzo. Also, giving them the blue whistles means we will meet more raiders in the lower lvls and she meant to let them go all along so I don't believe Lyza is dead and I don't believe Ozen thinks she is really dead but gave up on her and Ozen turned to some dark arts/dark side stuff.
  6. Kind of meh filler ep of My Hero this week.

    Looks like its back to the main plot next week though.
  7. You go Ballroom. Lovely ep... hope he kicks that smug sob's butt in the contest.
  8. Another nice ep for Isekai Shokudo. We get two character intro this time. Nice to see another elder dragon. This show must be one of the few that i truly want to know everything about this fantasy world and yet they would only reveal bits and pieces relevant to the customers of the restaurant.
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  9. Yeah love how the stories evolve around this restaurant as the focal point to bring them all together. The piano music that kicks in every time lol.. when they are about to lose it from that first bite. I love it!

    I'm tellin ya Leroy if people will just have some patience and look for those gems you could make an argument every anime season is very good. I want to know more about the door being able to appear everywhere including off world lol. That curry looked so fucking awesome. Next week's pv looked so good too.

    Also that Dragon of Death is going to be breathing fire out her ass tomorrow lol and so is that old man.

    Also, this is kind of cool but do not watch if you have not seen the series and plan on doing so. This has the first and last ep scenes side/side that played the same song.

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  10. So true. Then again people have different tastes and standards and free time to watch shows. Vicious, check out Kakegurui and let me know what you think of. Its up there for me as one of the best this season. That along with Classroom of the Elite(Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e) .
    Anyways finally got around to watching Fate/Apocrypha. Its got a different tone compared to Night series. And I don't like how open the characters are about their true names. Not at all interested in the homunculus sub plot. Much more intrigued by what Shiro's end game is. Also why is Shiro all tan with white hair? Is he already Archer?
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  11. Yeah Fate is meh at best.. as for Kakegurui I loved ep 1. That bitch is throwin down 10 mil Yen lol. I mean it was obvious she was playing her though from the start. I like the artwork for the characters at different moments and it's a unique premise to tell from what I gather so far which I like.

    The OP reminded me of The Seatbelts music.. that's Bebop for those who do not know them. I put it on my list. Starting Youkoso now.. the comments on various forums seem to indicate it has that gem feel to it. So I thank you good sir.
    Also, never heard of Studio Lerche but for Kake I see SEnix was involved. Is this based off one of their games?

    Youkoso is a definite watch as well after ep 1. I can relate somewhat believe it or not since I attended a private school for many years. The rules...and the big boobie chicks who acted innocent but were bad!! lol. Also, we all wore uniforms.

    Thank you again and I suggest those who are reading this to read his post above for these series.
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  12. Youkosou is a light Novel and Kakegurui is a manga.
    You can also try mahoujin guru guru. It's a lighthearted parody of adventure rpg genre. Definitely my comedy of the season.
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  13. The student council president definitely has a hard-on for Ayanokoji. I want to see a proper fight between these two whether its physical or a battle of wits. Also good to know that other classes have their own feuds going on.
  14. It was awesome and I loved it.
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  15. [IMG]
    These idiots.
    Oh god, all the misunderstandings that led to that scene we first saw on the very first episode was totally worth it.
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  16. Oh that Made in Abyss ep.... Turns out Ozen is cool with a touch of insanity lol. Testing and now training them. I'd love to see her in a full all out fight vs another white whistle.

    I noticed she did not take away the blue whistles that originally she said were for the other people at the outpost. It seems she has herself deemed them worthy of the blue and let them keep it. Still not sure what she has embedded herself with but she is hella strong and a tank.

    As for Bahamut.. the dragon girl is becoming annoying to me.. like a spoiled brat but she is about to have a big fight if you watch the after credits scene.
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  17. Ozen you fucking creep. Her arms are creepy with all that stuff in it. I can't stand that, gives me goosebumps.

    Yeah Nina is annoying. I've been saying that for quite a while now. I get that she is falling in love and a teenager and all that. But due to her immature incapable undependable ass so many have suffered. And the worst part is that she still doesn't understand that.
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  18. Bahamut Virgin Souls ep 18 has been out and great episode this week., Kaiser getting punched in the face was hilarious as well as Favaro teasing Nina.

    Another prediction: The good guys will get Charice to change his mind last minute and his second in command will go I knew he was being controlled by the dragon and back stab him to use the doomsday God killing machine again.
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