1. It's late so I'll discuss the ep more this weekend but I agree ^ The story telling is really movie worthy and the artwork. They make the children so unique and enjoyable unlike the usual bs we get. I love all the whistles lol. I want a purple or black one to cosplay and go as Reg. Just curious as to who or what created Reg..maybe her mother. Maybe she created him to protect and guide her daughter down to her. idk. Great series.

    umm.. the Fate Apoc fight between the 2 servants was pretty damn well animated. Worth a watch. Still have Isekai, Boku and Bahamut to catch up on. Oh I also watched that ufo table series Konbani or something and while it looks great as usual I'm having a hard time caring about the story. Kind of a letdown.

    sigh.. make note to self: Do not watch food anime"Isekai" late at night. Holy hell I'm starving now. They made spaghetti look freaking incredible. Amazing.. The premise is so simple yet genius. Have people from other worlds eat awesome food and make their lives happy.

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  2. I'm surprised you gave Kombini a chance. I gave up after i saw a guy running for what appeared to be forever at the beginning.
  3. That was a damn good episode of Boku no Hero. After OP and HxH this might be the best shonen that i've watched that deals with powers and power levels. Story wise it maybe behind OP and in terms of well defined power systems it maybe behind HxH but given enough time I believe that it will get closer to both of them.
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  4. Mido and Todo.. I expect his father and All Might to show up to save them and be forced to fight together. Also, the notion of wanting revenge then being saved like a helpless child is what motivates good people to go bad. " I didn't ask for your help" "Just mind your own business" "Who asked you to help me anyway" The guilt of not being able to avenge your brother.. you are weak! He'll die or be a bad guy. It's that simple.

    I hope they explore the notion of being a hero is more or less bs to begin with. This corporate shite of self gratitude is a sham. Only a few know what it really means to be a hero. Dismantle the hero school and start your own Mido!

    Ballroom was nice. If any of you heathens have ever danced like this you would know it is very fucking hard but awesome to watch. Chicks dig a man who can dance.
  5. Pretty good ep of Boku, loving this arc so far, Stain is best villain so far. Reminds me of Zabuza

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  6. I saw some rumblings about Made in Abyss and decided to check it out, it's pretty damn solid. If you haven't seen it yet i recommend checking it out, this completely flew under my radar for this season.
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  7. Welcome aboard the Abyss journey. Vicious and I have been touting this series for a while now. Solid 3rd ep. The interactions between Riko and Nat is so cute. And now they finally started the journey into the abyss. I was way off with my depth levels on the abyss. 4k seems to be just the edge of the abyss.
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  8. Who else is watching Vatican Miracle Examiners? I'm really enjoying both it and Shoukouku no Altair
  9. I tried Vatican. I will give it another whirl but I felt forced to just finish an ep. Altair..Altair..oh now I remember. The one similar to Arslan. I need to watch more eps as well.

    Felt kind of long-winded and boring but I get like that when there are faster paced series I am watching currently lol. A slower season for me and I would love it. I have Arslan lag still.
  10. Just watched ep 1 OVA of Kono Subarashi Seka Ni Shukufuku Wo. Never heard of this series but it was pretty damn funny. I recommend checking it out. It's like a comedy version of Fairy Tale. That is the best comparison I can give it.
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  11. Hell no motherfucker. You don't get to compare KonoSuba with Fairy Tail. This show is infinitely better than Fairy Tail. And I would rather compare this to something like Re Zero. Go watch seasons 1 and 2 now.
    Anybody else seen The Reflection? Stan Lee is involved in it. It took me sometime to get used to animation and art.
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  12. lol easy Leroy easy... I actually understand his initial comparison to FT but the comedy..it's almost a parody of fairy tail and those kinds of shows. I forgot all about Kono. Need to watch it again.
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  13. I couldn't watch more than 2-3 minutes of it (Reflection)

    Exactly, the parody lol
  14. Nice decent ep of Made in Abyss. That black whistle was fast lol. I'm curious to see this white whistle lady next ep. Still love the series.
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  15. Nina's first reaction to her new demon disguise outfit was the best part of the show. For a split second I thought I was going to be annoyed at seeing more of Nina x King romance but I wasn't and Nina learnt how to control her dragon mode out of it. I'm going to make a guess, the Kings plan is either to create the world in his own image or bring his dead mother back to life.
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  16. I think we just saw a glimpse of Stain's power in Boku. He was able to hold Endeavour, Gran Torino and the rest without licking any of their blood. Or maybe it was just his aura?
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  17. That reminds me I have been rewatching the series via dub. I like Mike McFarland's work as a producer for Funimation. Really good job.

    Also, that latest sub ep was pretty damn awesome. So is he really dead?
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  18. Think it was just aura, he is a shinobi after all. Also to want to be able to take on All Might you better be fucking strong, so I think he can manipulate his aura. Which is even cooler to do in this universe if you have a quirk.
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  19. Stain went out Rock Lee style lol, I kinda hope thats not the last we see of him.
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  20. oh... my.... god.. I have seen everything now. I was curious about a series called Centaur and this ep is about her horse vagina and how ugly and big it may be.. whaaattt? Wow. She is basically fearful of having sex with ..a non horse. So it's farm animal porn anime... man studios must be hurting for original ideas...and it's not even a vagina.. it's her ass. For the love of.. this is more of San's anal stuff lol.
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