1. I think this is the first time we have seen Lucifer in Bahamut. How is Lucifer looking like a better individual from all appearances compared to Gabriel? That bitch has to die. I'm glad El is taking a stance against her but he is too hasty and its going to lead to disaster. I really hope we get an explanation as to why Charioce is on a warpath.

    EDIT: Midoriya has finally gotten an upgrade that doesn't kill him when he uses it. And it looks like we will get to see that in action against villains very soon.

    Nice pace in Made in Abyss. So now there is more proof that Reg came from below and Riko's mom may have encounter him. Just from what they have described about the layers of the abyss and the map we see at the end of the ED I think the white whistles have ventured around 4km below the surface. Thats incredible. Cant wait to see Reg join Riko and the others to go cave raiding.
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  2. Really great ep of MHA, love the dark gritty atmosphere we get with Stain.

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  3. I can't help you my son. Perhaps you should broaden your horizons with sheep porn. The last 2 Boku eps are so good and I agree with Leroy and Kickz posts.
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  4. generally I watch 1 or 2 series...and catalog the rest for a later date

    usually in these threads...there will be a clear series that everyone is watching because its good and I will bandwagon

    I am actively watching MHA...and cataloging SnB

    ...but 2 shows out of everything out means its a bad season
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  5. Ohhh we have a member with very high expectations. lol. I would say every season has 3-5 good shows depending on your tastes of course. Ohhh.. it just hit me.. if the anime studios would stop making anime so goddamn hard to adapt to Hollywood we might actually get a good anime movie and stop blaming Hollywood. Purple hair, giant tits and pervy characters doesn't help! lol.
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  6. With that level of expectations can't help you out man. But definitely check Made in Abyss. We've got two idiots watching it here (Vicious and me). The story is a very interesting concept. A giant hole of which the depth is still not known and little kids going cave raiding into the hole. The hole is filled with mysterious relics and never before seen creatures.
    I myself have 13 new anime that i'm following right now (pretty good season for me). Depending on how they progress i'll drop 4-5 shows within a couple more weeks. And I still have two new anime that i haven't checked out because of my stubbornness in waiting for a horriblesubs release of them. But then again i do have a lot of free time to watch them and my bar is not that high.
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  7. Idiot? Why you...
  8. Really Vic. That's needs explanation?
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  9. So from what I've read, Ballroom isn't tickling peoples pickles here.
    I've got a full on no homo boner for it after the first 2 episodes and will definitely be sticking with it. It's struck a decent chord between Yuri (which I didn't get into all that much) and Haikyuu (nothing needs to be said here), I feel like it will be what I hope Yuri would have been.
    Other than that and Hero Academia (and some other randoms I'm following on the side) not much else has really done it for me this season. Aside from the animation fate is also kind of a letdown.
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  10. lol...

    Yep my thoughts exactly. Plus hotties:


    But seriously such a good series so far and ep2 was really nice. That kid is really talented to learn on the fly w/o instruction but the ..forgot his name.. red hair dancer seems elite as fuck. Really cool anime so far and glad someone else likes it. Literally no gay stuff going on. I do not mind some of that in a series but it is nothing like Yuri yet...even close.

    I also dig series like this that in a way teach the viewer the art of it..dancing, skating, volleyball. It makes me appreciate the studio, animators and VA's that much more other than the regular drivel we get. I would take immense pride if I was working on these kinds of projects.

    Ep 12 of Suka suka Dub came out today.. oh man it was so so good. Maybe even better than the sub. Damn that anime was awesome.

    How awesome is it that he projects his dance partner..so cool. That ending scene was so awesome! Love the piano tunes as well. I fucking love piano in anime series.
  11. Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 announced for this Winter

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  12. About damn time
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  13. ^Now we just need Mob Psycho 2 and OPM2 release dates
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  14. New character introductions including the god among men, the lion's sin of pride, Escanor. I cannot oversell the levels of epicness of this character which I'm sure all the manga readers will back me up on.
    Characters in order of appearance: Matrona, Escanor, Monspeet, Derieri, Melascula, Galand, Dreyfus, Grayroad, Drole, Gloxinia, Zeldris and Estarossa.
    And a movie is scheduled for Summer of 2018.
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  15. I don't know how but I totally forgot about this show. I'm glad I got back to back eps to watch. Stain is pretty badass. I'm glad Midoryia can even out his powers now. This new arc is great so far.
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  16. Yaaaasssss

    Also adding to the list of things from this season that I'm into, is anyone else watching Gamers?
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  17. Yes and it's quite funny. Lol "No thanks I'll pass.." Also, the foreshadowing text comments were very funny. Only watched ep 1.

    LMAO.. you're nothing to me. You suck at games.
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  18. Episode 2 came out today, the series is surprisingly solid, offering actual development to the side characters
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  19. It is a solid slice of life series that I can relate to somewhat in why, when and with who I like to play games. I like as well the character development such as Aguri and Uehara.

    Tendou comes off as a closet twitch streamer lol.
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  20. I think I relate in the same way. I'm definitely the Amano character. I kept to myself, played mostly by myself but occasionally joined others even though i was never good enough to give them a proper competition. I played for fun while they usually were more competitive. It was nice to see the backstory of Uehara. And I'm glad that he now started to feel for Aguri.
    But damn Tendou. She is head over heels for Amano. I sure hope that its more than just because he rejected her.
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