1. Godzilla netflix anime movie teaser & featurette.
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  2. I'm wanting it to be great but ehhh.. I see this 3D shit that reminds me of the latest Berserk. We will see.

    Also, there is a lot of new anime tonight and to start we have:

    Made in Abyss. Looks like I found my gem and that music. Love me some chibi!

    3 more to go..
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  3. ^Yeah i'm gonna try out the new anime as well. In the meantime the Granny is the iconic dragon we always see in the preview part of the Bahamut episodes? Damn.
    You were right about Made in Abyss, Definitely one of the best of this season. And it looks beautiful. Y'all waiting to see the what to watch this season should definitely consider this show.

    Shoukouku no Altair is similar to other historical anime such as Arslan. But the first episode didn't impress me that much. With the obvious plot and the bad guy and solving everything in 1 episode. So unlikely for me to continue following it unless anyone who has read the manga would vouch for it.

    Vatican Kiseki Chousakan was interesting but the pace was ridiculously fast. They oughtta slow things down. But i'm interested in where it is heading.

    And finally Castlevania which has 4 episodes on netflix. Really well done anime with a pretty good fight in the last episode. I'm not knowledgable in the games or the stories of the games but as a standalone I think this show was pretty good. And I hear that a second season will be on the way next year.
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  4. IG's Ballroom. Watch it. We are in for a treat.

    Watched Made in Abyss again.. that song at 6:40.
  5. Seriously? If this turns out to be another yuri on ice i'll haunt you forever as a homoerotic ghost.
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  6. lol ^

    Wait you did not like Yuri? Well that's not my fault. Not to mention it's ep 1 and if there is a manga I have not read it. When someone starts sucking another mans balls.well then it's exit stage left.

    Made in Abyss reminds me of Code Lyoko. Please for anyone that has read the manga do not spoil in here w/o tags.

    Digimon for adults w/o the monsters.



  7. I'm sorry but Ballroom did not tickle my competitive sports anime bone. So its a pass for me.
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  8. Hahaha Leroy I feel you. Yuri turned out really gay at the end. Who am I kidding, it turned gay after episode 3. This is also the reason why I'm hesitant in watching ballroom.

    Castlevania was pretty dope. Really short tho. I'm glad that there's going to be a second season. The flights reminded me a lot of legend of Korra animation. Must've been the same studio
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  9. lol competitive sports anime? I don't give a shit about that.. I'm just here for the music and animation. I never finished Yuri either but that music and skating scenes.

    Well I do somewhat when it comes to Haikyuu and Kuroko.

    Fate Apoc is coming along nicely and a battle already with Saber. Berserker as Frankenstein seems cool but the Jack the Ripper as a small girl child is ..odd.
  10. I don't understand why William Shakespeare would be a caster.
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  11. The best part of Castlevania and I quote

    "when I find my goat laying on his side in a field fucked within an inch of it's life..and a naked man with blood and straw all over his peck.." :3:

    Now see if you are going to make a more adult cartoon with cussing then this is how you do it.. not that cheesy cringe worthy stuff they did with the Justice League animated new 52. Also, they did not go over the top with the comedy like Korra..which just became stupid.

    4 episodes though..sigh. The Belmont guy in ep2 was awesome though. He has that Tony Stark feel to him. I'm convinced every cbm or anime/cartoon now needs a Stark lol.

    Made in Abyss about to get dark.
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  12. The second eps of Knights and Magic and Isekai Shokudo were great. Especially Knights. That kid is going places, using magic to bypass the physical control of the Knight.
    I also checked out a pretty good new anime called Princess Principal.
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  13. I found myself disengaged with ep 2 of Knights and Magic. I found the ep was more exciting for me.
  14. @San which is it.. exciting or disengaged lol.


    I love food anime and this one is so nicely laid back. That food...so hungry.

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  15. I know right. I mean the food isn't anywhere near as creative as in shokugeki. It looks like simple dishes but because of the premise it is interesting.
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  16. Yes I guess I should have elaborated.. having people come in from different eras/worlds is fun. There is something else going on in the background but Japanese food is pure awesome to begin with and the dedication, respect and discipline makes it so wonderful. They show that in these food animes. Even the live action food shows.. one I posted before.. are awesome. This is worth a watch for sure.

    Some day I want to come back to Japan and just eat, eat and eat.
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  17. Checked out two new anime. Isekai wa smartphone is a pretty generic born into a new world story. The only thing different is that he is reborn with his smartphone. The main character is the typical "never before seen in that world, has an alternative way of thinking and is OP" character.

    The other is Mahoujin Guru Guru. The art may look like this is intended for the younger audience but it is a hilarious comedy for all. Especially for those who are fans of RPGs. It seems like a reboot of an older anime series, still adapted from the same manga. This story doesn't take itself seriously and occasionally pokes fun at the genre. This is most likely going to be my comedy series of the season.
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  18. With episode 1, I left that part out but said it in my mind lol
  19. Gamers! had a pretty good first episode. And I like the main character. He is the kind of gamer that i envision that I would be if I played more games. I like playing for fun. I don't play to be the absolute best.
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  20. hmm...
    reading the thread...havent seen anything worth picking up yet this season

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