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    New season time.
    Fat/Apocrypha and the No Game No Life movie caught my eye. Also looking forward to Kakegurui, heard good things about that manga.
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  2. I see the IG show Ballroom lol... I mean first I wasn't sure I could latch on to a basketball series then it was volleyball then ice skating so sure fuck it why not.

    Fate/Apoc as well here, Jikan could be a sleeper series and Katsugeki by UFOTable.. anything by UFO yes pls. Konbini by Pierrot.

    I'll just save time and say I give everything a look that is made by UFO, IG and Madhouse and Bones.
    Vatican by JC Staff could be a gem and Studio Deen has shown promise.

    3 of the Leftover section and some movies. Not sure why some were saying this season looks so bad. Maybe try checking out some of the studios I posted above. I see a possibly awesome summer season.
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  3. I'm definitely going to watch the No Game No Life movie. I'm still baffled this didn't get a second season.
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  4. Wooooo boy, yea this summer show list... :T

    Where the hell is ONePunchMan 2 or Mob Psycho 2??
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  5. One Punch 2 might be out in Nov.. have no idea about Mob.
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  6. There's still nothing on MOB psycho. I thin opm season 2 will be in 2018.
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  7. Good time to check the back log I guess.

    Still need to finish last Haikyuu season
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  8. Well ep 1 of Fate/Apoc and Knights and Magic started.

    Knights and Magic I am not familiar with as far as literary material but there are some timeskips. It seems like a fun fantasy/magic/mech show like we usually get so we will see.
    Fate/Apoc.. my first question is: Is the priest Shirou Emiya from Fate unlimited or as usual just another creation of a known character in a different Fate universe. A1 Pictures huh.. Why so many different studios doing Fate series. My poor ufotable not getting another fate series :mad:

    This one seemed ok though.

    Nvm about the Shirou question. It seems connected to an earlier Fate series I guess but not what I was thinking.
    Mordred as a servant was cool though.
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  9. New Fooly Cooly trailer

    In just for the new Pillows music.
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  10. Love the Pillows. You can translate this in your browser.


    Can't wait Kickz. Love the artwork too.

    By the way who was it in the shoutbox that said japan anime industry is shit recently? lol.


    Speaking of Creators holy hell they made her Hot older^


    I know what this Summer season is missing.. Something from Bones:

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  11. Looks like I'll be enjoying Fate/Apocrypha this summer after the first episode.

    I remember this anime, it's been a long time. I don't even quite remember how it ended.
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  12. BONES Will be back next season
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  13. repost the link
  14. blood blockade is the anime with the greatest potential wasted.
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  15. Checked out 7 of the new anime series. Haven't gotten to Fate yet. I will wait for a horrible release. I did like 4 of the anime. So I'm gonna follow them this season.
    Comedy and fantasy has Isekai Shokudou. Fun little concept of a restaurant that has a portal/door to a fantasy world and creatures and beings from that world come into experience good food.
    Fantasy and adventure has Knight's & Magic. It did feel a bit weird with the multiple timeskips but nevertheless enjoyable. A mech otaku is born in a world where magic-run mechs exist. I have always liked these kinds of stories and this was definitely the best of the 4 series i liked.
    Romance has Koi to Uso, government forced arranged marriages and a couple that wants to break the mold. Interested in seeing the appearance of the protagonist's bride to be and their interaction.
    And finally Youkai Apartment for slice of life. High school kid moves into an apartment that is haunted by yokai and ghosts. It works well as a slice of life so far so I will continue to watch it.
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  16. Earlier series? No, it takes place in an alternate universe than F/SN. This Shirou is not the same as Emiya Shirou. As for his who he is, I can give a spoiler. Don't read if you don't want to know:
    Kotomine Shirou, who's true identity is Amakusa Shirou Tokisada. He was summoned as a Servant in a previous Grail War
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  17. I recommend watching the first ep of Saiyuuki Reload Blast, it seems like a keeper this summer and 10 min 48 sec in I lol'd. The opening scene was nicely done.
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  18. New Eureka movie trailer, looks like a prequel

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