1. Is that really how he stopped it? I don't think Meliodas has hatred for Estarossa, I always thought he was that much weaker than him.
  2. That is the only explanation. Since we read the manga we both know that he has full counter as well but only for physical attacks. His commandment is that of Love. The opposite of that is hatred and that is how all the commandments work.

    Thats the only explanation there is.
  3. Damn that was a badass episode of My Hero, finally we got a real villain instead of that lame Facepalm dude.

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  4. Boku was EPIC this week, that ending had me at the edge of my seat. All For One is officially HERE!
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  5. And that's it. Meliodas is officially dead. Ban really had an awesome showing with Merasculla but couldn't do jack shit with Estarossa.
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  6. Been catching up on One Piece yesterday. I enjoyed Big Mom's flashback story even more animated. Laughed my ass off even more seeing her eat everyone without knowing it.

    Looking forward to seeing Elbanth island.
  7. Damn that was a great ep of Boku.

    Finally a real ass villain to make them sweat.

    They clearly brought in goat animator for this episode, blanking on his name, but he did the Deku vs Todoroki fight
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  8. omg episode 10 of Boku no Hero: Academia gave me the chills this week. One For All is able to take a punch to the face from All Might and laugh wut? :eek:

    Great thinking from Midoyia on getting Bakugo and great execution from the whole team.
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  9. How the fuck did i miss that the previous One for All holder is related to Tomura Shigaraki? As epic as this fight between All Might and All for One is, they are also fighting on a deeper level each with how they raise their successor.
    @ San, he isn't just simply taking All Might's punch. In order to negate that brute strength All for One has to use a multitude of quirks at the same time, including some quirks that enhance other quirks. More than the quirk of All for One, what is scary is that he is able to use exactly the right amount of quirks when needed.

    As for Nanatsu, Ya'll know that Elizabeth was getting that necrophilia on. :troll Also for keen eyed viewers there are clues as to the whole deal with Elizabeth and Meliodas. Also also cant wait for the next episode. Escanor vs Estarossa. Epic. Love is shit in the face of Pride.
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  10. Didn't know Elizabeth was adopted and that her and Meliodas go that far back. She is the last of the Fairy clan or something like that and he's trying to protect her.
  11. I thought you read the manga San?
  12. Nope, I probably should. I have glanced over a couple chapters here and there through out the years.
  13. Kaneki is going to break again. But we are going to see the One Eyed Owl vs Kaneki. Finally.

    Boruto finally had the moment i was waiting for. Naruto being a badass protecting the village. This is the third time seeing this, first in the movie, then the manga and now the anime. And every time I just can't help but feel proud of that once loud mouthed orange ninja brat that was a pain in the ass of everyone. He's come so far to be beloved by the entire village and now only Boruto is seeing who his father really is.
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  14. Great Thursday with Boruto and Megalo Box. Boruto of course cause more movie scenes and that filler fight scene with the Kazekage and Mizukage against the Otsuki with the fish hook was done well.

    Meegalo OMG what a fight and what a sacrifice. All I can say is you can't deny when someone is real, you gotta respect it.
  15. Chills motherfucker. All the chills in all the worlds running all over me during that amazing Boku episode. All Might showing why he is number one. Midoriya is nowhere near him in terms of giving the chills. There is one who comes close and that guy will be making his appearance soon.

    Not to mention Escanor just bitch slapped Estarossa and Zeldoris with a fucking sun and sent them packing. And he still isn't at his strongest.
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  16. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that was a good episode of Boku..

  17. Such an epic episode! The animation was top-notch & the scene was done great justice! The almost burn-out tiny flame, rekindled as All Might mustered every once of energy & will power to pull-off USS sent chills down my spine and made me cry man-tears!!!

    This even reminded me of the feels I got when Kamina died!!! T____T
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  18. Like Bakugo's escape scene last episode wasn't enough, they deliver us this epicness of an episode. Also the last finger point at Deku saying he's next was great. Let's see how fast Deku can catch up to being as great as All might was
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  19. This is only like, half way through the season right?
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  20. I'm hoping to see fast growth with Deku. We are kind of seeing it before our eyes though. That plan he devised was brilliant.

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