1. Catching up on this, and damn episode 4 was amazing.
    This show has to be the new standard for animating 3D mechs, they look so good they might as well have drawn them.

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  2. Sorry what anime is this?
  3. Its the new season of Full Metal Panic, they took like a 10 year break and just returned
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  4. oh i watched ep 1, thanks
  5. Good ep this week, can't wait to see King vs old Fairy King


    Just a heads up, I though ep 3 was horribly slow, but 4 pays it off well.
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  6. Just wait anime only Sins watchers.
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  7. Just a few minutes in on Megalo and that rap was tight. Reminded me of something Watanabe would do. Dope as hell man.

    Dances with dragons or saredo tsumibito ep7 was done so well. Must watch. I like series that keep me guessing who the bad guy is.
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  8. Saredo seems to be following the arrancar story from bleach. I thought the dragons would be the ones to fill that role. Maybe they will still.

    Megalo Box finally has an episode that tops the first couple of episodes.

    If you stop to think about the world of Tokyo Ghoul the humans are pretty fucked up. They kill another species and use their remains to make weapons to kill more of their species.
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  9. I still have to watch this week's Megalo Boxing (I think I did where Joe doesn't fight cause of blackmail?)but I really enjoyed the episode with the retired war vet and his back story. Nicely executed with Joe being able to understand him. Two warrior spirits merging almost. In the intro who is the white wolf supposed to represent, is it the girl that calls the shots? I know Joe is the wild wolf.
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  11. Good my Hero ep this week, although I kinda wish they actually fought instead of villains bailing early.


    I need to check this out
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  12. Escanor probably the best Sin

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  13. Pretty cool how he was able to activate his magic by seeing the light inside himself. Now that he can harness some of it during the night, that makes him I would pretty reliable.
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  14. Nice setup ep for Tokyo ghoul. Kaneki might recover his memories if he meets Shu.
  15. Damn, I had to wait 19 episodes for Franxx to reveal its backstory. I feel so fucking satisfied with this information dump. Of course there is some stuff they just shrugged off like why do you need reproductive organs to pilot a franxx? I mean you could have designed it a bit better than that.
  16. Mediolis was freaking kicking ass in ep 19 of Nanatsu no Taizai. It's just not fair how he got ganged up like that. wtf is King, Ban and Gowther just standing around when they can help.

    Boku was great this week as well.
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  17. ^Yea San, this weeks ep was amazing. It was like enough of the damn foreplay and lets get this shit going.

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  18. Finally watched Nanatsu, fuck chyuu subs for being slow. There is no way out for Meliodas. I mean he could possibly gain the upper hand with most of the commandments but not against his two brothers. At this junction I think their power levels are the same. Btw to anyone who is wondering how the hell Estarossa stopped Meliodas, its because of his commandment, Love. Anyone who holds hatred against him is rendered powerless.
    Anyways next episode Ban is gonna do something majestic af. Looking forward to that.
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  19. Aaahh I was wondering! No way in hell someone in this series is that OP to stop revenge counter. I really wanted to see the damage it would do. Looking forward to more Sins stepping up!
  20. Everyone should be watching Hinamatsuri. This series is comedy gold. I like how the teacher is actively trying to ignore the fact that his students are at a bar drinking.
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